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You're probably looking for a solution to playing your FLV Files and I've put together some reviews and download links to help you out there.

First off let me just point out a FLV file is a 'Flash Video File'. Flash video is the most popular option for streaming videos to people. Youtube.com and sites like that have made it mega-popular. It's good quality and can stream in a fashion where the viewer can jump to part of the video or let it buffer.

Hands down, the best (and free) solution for playing FLV files is a program called Youtube Video Download. If you want to save yourself the time in reading reviews - just click the big download button below.

The internet has led to resurgence in animation, largely thanks to Macromedia's Flash format. This nifty program extends the capabilities of Youtube Video Download Flash player, allowing you to rewind and fast-forward though Flash-based movies. Supporting SWF file format, it provides the ability to resize and watch videos in full-screen mode. The features worked well with all the videos we tested. If you're a Flash movie fan, you might want to give this Youtube Video Download program a try. It works for more than just YouTube. You can use FLV Player.

flash video player

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