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Date registered: 09.11.2006
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...   Created on 09.11.2006 - 07:48Jump to top Quote this post Report this post Edit Delete

I have a geforce 6800go (PCIexpress 16x - 256mb VRAM). Logically I should be able to use custom shaders, yes? However, when using them, I get rather icky output. Observe:

* Running ePSXe emulator version 1.6.0.
* Memory handlers init.
* ePSXe: PSX BIOS loaded [bios/SCPH1001.BIN].
* Loading ISO Format [BIN/IMG2352] ok
* Force NTSC cdrom detected.
* Init gpu[0][]
(0) : error C0000: syntax error, unexpected $end at token " "
(0) : error C0501: type name expected at token " "
NVIDIA Corporation
unknown board/PCI/SSE2

* Open gpu[0]
* Init spu[0][]
* Open spu[0]
* Init pad[0][]
padJoy: trying to start a thread; if it hangs, you must disable multithreading
* Open pad[0]

As you can see, there are issues.

Current, in my /opt/epsxe/shaders directory are the following:

nimue@localhost /opt/epsxe/shaders $ ls
2xGLSL shader Natural ogl2_shader_brightness
2xGLSLHqFilter shader OGL2Lookup Shader ogl2_shader_gray
4xGLSL shader SaL GLSL shader ogl2_shader_rotate
4xGLSLHqFilter shader ShaderNotes.txt ogl2_shader_scale2x
4xGLSLScale shader Storybook Shaders ogl2_shader_simpleblur
AA Shaders gpuPeteOGL2.slf sl_rotate.txt
BumpMAP gpuPeteOGL2.slv
Cartoon Shaders license.txt

The shader I'm using is Pete's opengl2 shader rotate thinger.

My config is as follows:

ResX = 640 # X resolution (def=640)
ResY = 480 # Y resolution (def=480)
FullScreen = 0 # fullscreen (0/1, def=0), still needs correct ResX/Y!
HiresX = 2 # internal X resolution (0-2, def=0, 2 will crash with current ATI glx drivers)
HiresY = 3 # internal Y resolution (0-3, def=0, 2 will crash with current ATI glx drivers)
KeepRatio = 0 # stretching aspect ratio (0-3, def=0)
NoRenderTexture = 2 # Don't use the ATI_render_texture extension=1, FBO=2 (0/1/2, def=0)

TexFilter = 6 # texture filtering (def=0: none ,1-6: filtering)
HiResTextures = 2 # hires textures (0=none, 1=2xSaI, 2=Scale2X, def=0)
VRamSize = 256 # vram size in MBytes, def=0: autodetect, 1-1024 possible)
TWinShader = 1 # texture window shaders (0/1, def=0)

ShowFPS = 1 # show fps menu on startup (0/1, def=0)
UseFrameLimit = 1 # fps limitation (0/1, def=0)
UseFrameSkip = 0 # frame skipping (0/1, def=0)
FPSDetection = 1 # rate detection (0:user val,def=1:auto)
FrameRate = 60 # user value for frame rate (1-1000)

OffscreenDrawing = 2 # offscreen drawing mode (0-2, def=1)
FrameTextures = 3 # frame texture mode (0-3, def=2)
FrameUpload = 2 # frame upload mode (0-2, def=1)

ScreenFilter = 1 # bilinear fullscreen filter (0/1, def=0)
FullscreenShader = 5 # pixel shader effects (0-5, def=0)
FSShaderLevel = 3 # strength of pixel shader effect (0-3, def=0)
BlackBorder = 0 # a black border around the screen to avoid flickering with FS effects
ShaderDir = "" # you can specify a directory for custom shader files here

OGLExtensions = 1 # use OpenGL extensions (0/1, def=1 ... needed anyway)
ScanLines = 0 # scanlines (0/1, def=0)
ScanLinesBlend = -1 # blending value (-1-255, 0=def, -1=dots)
MdecFilter = 1 # movie filter (0/1, def=0)

UseFixes = 0 # use CfgFixes (0/1, def=0)
CfgFixes = 0 # fix bits (0=none,1=fake read,2=ignore small moves,4=Lunar,16=old coord,256=old skipping,1024=fake blending,4096=odd/even,8192=capcom width,16384=old tex filter)

I am using the 1.0.9625 nvidia drivers.

[Dieser Beitrag wurde am 09.11.2006 - 07:52 von Nimue aktualisiert]

guest ...
Real addict


Date registered: 30.07.2004
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...   Created on 09.11.2006 - 09:03Jump to top Quote this post Report this post Edit Delete

I read about this specific problem.
Maybe shaders would work if you delete *every* empty line, add a final empty line at the end and made shure that

void main()

is written that way and not like

void main(){

The GNU-GLP is a nice license, so you could release a linux-fixed shader pack under this specific terms.

regards, guest(r)

PS: I don't have any linux OS installed at this moment so i can't test it by myself.



Date registered: 09.11.2006
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...   Created on 09.11.2006 - 09:28Jump to top Quote this post Report this post Edit Delete

The fuck? Spacing shouldn't effect it like this, but they all work now! I love you!



Date registered: 24.01.2012
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...   Created on 17.09.2014 - 07:22Jump to top Quote this post Report this post Edit Delete

I ran into this same problem!

It's not spacing, well not exactly. It's line endings

The fact that guest does not use linux was a very important hint!

Unix text files use a different encoding for the newline character than windows text files.

As plain text files it's no problem, because linnix is awesome enough to read any file under the digital sun, but for executable code it becomes an issue.

The shader files are executable code, and need to be formatted with Unix line endings on linux!

One way to do this, with gedit, is to open the shader files and then select "Save as..." from the menu. The "Save as..." dialog contains an option for "Line Ending", set it to "Unix/Linux" then overwrite the files.

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