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Connectives are used to link sentences in a coherent way so that the whole text is rounded off with one argument leading to the next and to the next and to the next.

The following expressions tell you what to do...

1. ...if you just want to list your arguments

There are three reasons for the success of the TV series Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Firstly, with Sarah Michelle Gellar it stars a popular actress, secondly it deals with interesting topics and thirdly/finally the screenplay writers are doing a very good job.
(erstens, zweitens, drittens/schließlich)

2. ...if the first argument or example is the most important

a· First and foremost, it deals with interesting topics.
b· First and most important is the fact that it deals with interesting topics.

3. ...if there are other important factors as well...

a· Also the costume designers have brilliant ideas/The costume designers also have brilliant ideas.
b· Besides, the series is broadcast during prime time.
c· Apart from that, many famous stars appear as guests.
d· Furthermore, the dialogues are often very funny.
e· In addition (to this), some episodes include impressive action scenes/Some episodes include impressive action scenes in addition.
f· What is more, the channel spends large sums on advertisements.
g· Moreover,...
(abgesehen davon, zudem, außerdem, überdies, auch...)

4. ...if the last argument or example is the most important

a· Above all, there is a great number of fan clubs all over the country who are a great support.
b· Last but not least, there is a great number of fan clubs all over the country who are a great support.
c· Not only did the principal actress become a superstar, she wanted a pay increase as well.
d· Shakespeare was not only a writer, but also an actor. (nicht nur, sondern auch)

5. ...if your enumeration should be in a chronological order

First/at first, next, then, afterwards, lastly, finally

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