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What is a Shader? Do they make the quality look better? :D i would like to use some shaders and how :D my computer specs are
7600GT 256MB
AMD Athlon 3500+

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Shader is a mini-program that is executed on GPU before rendering. There are 2 kinds of shaders:
1. Vertex shaders. Allow you to read and change data stored in vertex arrays (any data that was specified in vertex format - coordinates, point size, specular/diffusive color etc.) to create special effects like deforming surfaces. The input is provided via vertex declarations (you can specify order, types and sizes of input data). Almost all cards support vertex shaders. To determine wich version you card supports use GetDeviceCaps method of IDirect3D9 interface or similar function in OpenGL.
2. Pixel shaders. These ones allow you to read and modify texture data (color and alpha) to create special effects on textures (like distorted reflection on water). Color and alpha processing can be performed in parallel mode. Not all cards support pixel shaders. You can use the same way as for vertex shaders to determine your supported version.

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