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Christina ...

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And I know that I can not sleep while you awake. […] I don’t know what goes on but I can’t sleep since you’ve been gone […] Just want you to come back …

You mustn’t think this mess will go while you’re away, you have to stay […] We should stay, I never thought I would come back again […] the more you know the less you need…

I never thought I would but for you I’d like […] And every night you take the sunshine with you, and every night you take the sun away once more …

It doesn’t matter what you’ve done, the good times seemed to be so far away, and I bet you will.
Forget about me when I’m gone, afraid you gave your heart to someone else […] It hurts, you always [?] and I must face it every Saturday you cross my way …

Sun is shining through the window, one light shines exactly in your face, can’t believe how beautiful you are, sure there would be nothing without you… and if I had one wish for free, wish this moment never ends, tell me what’s your name again, flowers in your hair reminds me that a bitter taste remains … it feels like heaven must be missing one of you, what’s your name again … How I can remember, the first time that we met, [?] reminds me of your eyes, how I love to watch you sleep, to watch you breath, to see you live, to watch you breath, to see you live, so what’s your name again, it feels like heaven must be missing one of you… I love you more and more and more and more…

Lee I miss ya :(

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