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PostPosted: Thu Aug 03, 2006 11:30 pm Post subject: Beginner's Guide by TZER (Frequent Updates) Reply with quote
Well, I thought that since there are quite an amount of questions coming from "newbies". Were they ask for advice or what to do etc, so I thought that I might slap up a "Beginners Guide" for such questions. Please give me a PM if you think I've missed something.

! When you see “*” behind a word, that means that it will be explained more in detail at the end of the guide. Incase you forget this I will also tell you this after the “*” !


At first I think we all agree that LastChaos is confusing. You have no idea of where to go or what to do. Ok, let's see what we can do about that then. After selecting a Character and connecting to the game, you will end up in the beginning of a “Personal Dungeon”* (Look at the end of this Guide). This Personal Dungeon is extremely easy, and you can kill all the scary monsters (The different colors of the monsters names will be explained further down) with great ease.

When you've reached level 2, here is where you get your first Quest* (Look at the end of this guide). When reading the Quest content you will notice that the only thing needed to complete it, is to complete the Personal Dungeon you are currently in and that you need to talk to ‘Lorraine’ when it is done. Now, this NPC ‘Lorraine’ is going to be of importance in the coming levels (That is if you intend to do some questing). Anyways, after slaying all the scary, evil monsters open the big doors and you will be teleported to the city.

This big city will be your re-supply area; here you will find almost everything you need until maybe level 15-20 (That is if you have enough gold for it). Of course monsters in the world do drop weapons and armor, although the drop-rate is not that high for such items. Mostly you just get gold. Anyways, the NPC ‘Lorraine’ resides in this city. So you need to look her up, to make things easier I have taken a screenshot and pinpointed her location (Look at the screenshot below or use your own world map).

When you see ‘Lorraine’, you will notice this glow around her. With a capital “A” over her head, this means that you have a completed Quest to turn in to her. When there is a Quest that you can accept from an NPC on the other hand, they have the captial "Q" over their heads.

Now that you have spoken with ‘Lorraine’ and attained the items she gave you as Quest reward. This is where the leveling, questing and exploring begins, it is time for you to go out into the outside world. Oh yes, here you will find both peaceful creatures and rampaging monsters. From dragons to Deer’s, I would advice you not to hunt dragons just yet. For a starter I would advice you to hunt ‘Elder Wolves’, no matter which way you choose to go the ‘Elder Wolves’ will be around. So now the only thing you need to do is killing these Wolves until you level up a few levels. When you think you are done (Or maybe you are even tired of killing these easy creatures).

Now, remember when you got a “level quest”. Guess what, it is the same again. From level 3-5 you will get “collecting materials quests”, for this you have gotten new items in your inventory. There are 3 different collectable materials: Crystals, Ore and Herbs. There are certain areas where these materials can be harvested, luckily for you I have pinpointed the locations of these areas (look at the image below).

1 & 4 - Energy Crystals
2 & 3 - Herb Plants
5 - Ore Veins

When you have collected the materials from the various areas, then it is time to back to ‘Lorraine’ to hand them over.

After turning the finished quests in to ‘Lorraine’ you could take the opportunity to sell any items that might have dropped (If you do not want to keep them of course) or even buy new items such as: Weapons and armor.
But for that you need a fair amount of gold. You can also visit your class Master to upgrade or get new skills* (Look at the end of this Guide).
Take note that there are General and Passive skills!
Also when you have reached the acquired level, by the west entrance you will find a NPC named ‘Captain Leon’. He will have several quests for you, all of them are very easy tasks, the only thing you need to do is to speak with ‘Lorraine’.


Now, I do think you get the idea of questing and leveling. But when you reach level 20, that is when the tricky part appears. Until they fix this bug or whatever it is, when you got a version of LastChaos that isn’t bugged in the Personal Dungeon called “Balrog Destruction” you won’t be able to see any weapons or armor above level 20 in at the traders.
Anyways, this means that you will have to make your own weapons above level 20 or maybe you’re lucky and get a dropped level 20 items for your character/class. Hopefully this will be resolved as quick as possible.

To be able to create items, I would suggest that you increase your skill in the necessary “jobs” to atleast level 2 (To be able to collect a fair amount of materials when you “harvest”). After upgrading your skills in your “job”, you need to buy or find books for the items you want to create. You can buy a few of these books at the NPC named “Scroll Trader Gerel”.

(Look at the map below where I have pinpointed the location of the NPCs that are able to upgrade your respective “job” skills).


First of, just let me tell you that the Personal Dungeons are buggy. “Balrog Destruction” has one bug that I know of, and that is when you have a very early client. If you find that this Personal Dungeon is bugged, I would recommend that you download a new client install from the official LastChaos website.

The first Personal Dungeon after the dungeon you start the game in, has a level requirement and is called “Balrog Destruction”. This level requirement is currently level 5 and a highest level restriction at level 20, yes that means that you can access this dungeon anytime you would like from when you are level 5 until you are level 20. But, as I have experience I would recommend that you wait until atleast level 12 before venturing down into the Personal Dungeon. Go down there when you are level 5 and you would die instantly when monsters appear.

Personal Dungeons work as quests.


Upgrading items:
First off, upgrading an item is very simple. The only thing you need, is a 'Smelting Stone'(Refining Stone), 'Heaven Stone' or 'Bloodseal Gem'. Although, 'Smelting Stone'(Refining Stone) and 'Heaven Stone' are different from each other (While Bloodseal Gem is something completely different):

1. Smelting stones are aquaired through smelting a weapon or armor from your inventory at the 'Alchemist' (His name can be 'Transmuter' for some). You can find him here:

Something that can be worth knowing, is that weapons give two Smelting stones and armor give one. Anyways, 'Heaven stone' on the other hand. Is aquired through drops mostly, although it is a rare drop.

2. These two upgrading stones have different precentage of suceeding in the upgrade. Which is as follows:
Smelting stone: 30%
Heaven stone: 50%
This increased precentage in the 'Heave stone', might seem useless to some. But it is infact quite huge, 'Heaven stone' is somewhat a safe bet (if you compare 'Heaven stone' with 'Smelting stone').

When you smelt a weapon or armor at level, say 7. Then the 'Smelting Stone' will be level 7, which means that you cannot upgrade an armor with higher level than 7. So if you want to upgrade an item over level 7, then you need to find a higher level weapon or armor to smelt and upgrade with (Of course, you can find a 'Heaven Stone' for this too. Since Heaven Stones don't apply to any levels).

Upgrade effects
You might have seen these pumped up characters, with those nice armors and glowing weapons. Maybe you cannot obtain that nice armor at your current level, but what you can obtain is the glowing weapon. You see, glow only appears after you have upgraded your weapon to a certain level.

+4: Gives your weapon a glow.
+6: additional +6 atk power for for physical type of attack such as sword, axe as well as xbow and bow. Also gives a special color glow to your weapon.
Titan: Red
Knight: Blue
Mage: Purple
Rogue: Orange
Healer: Yellow
: additional +4 magic atk power for magic type of atk such as mage weapon and healer scepter.
+8: gives 3% to attack rate for melee type of weapons.
: gives additional 2m in attack range for range weapon including staff and so on.
+10: probability of critical atk will increase.
+12: probability of deadly atk will increase.
+15: weapon gives additional +75 atk power as well as +50 magic atk power.

It is different with armors though. You need to have upgraded ALL (Except the Shield) of the armor pieces before it obtains any special effects.

+6: +500 to weight allowance
+8: additional +10 def
+10: additional +5 magic def
+12: avoidability rate increase
+15: additional +100 def and +50 magic def

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