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Hello friends!
This message is for those who are tired from spaghetti of wires around your scope and those who have no LPT or COM ports.
The idea is simple. Include USB hub, USB-COM adapter and LX schematic on one board. I had troubles finding USB hub chip, so I included only USB-COM adapter and LX schematic on a board. I bought a small USB hub for 8USD and soldered everything together. Very nice combination. Now only 1 cable goes from camera to a PC and I have 2 more usb ports for other stuff.

I have an EAGLE project with PCB layout if anyone is interested. Or I can put it as a gif somewhere.
If you have any questions - please ask!

And again! Thanks Matthias for such nice eprogram.


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Hi Dennis,

I've figured out another way of reducing cables:
Long time exposure control directly via the USB cable of the webcam itself.

Unfortunately there is still no software support for this solution...


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