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Today we are assembled to say good bye……
Good bye of an half year without WT concerts.

It was the April 29th 2007 as the concerts started after an half year without WT concerts.
Weeks before this day being cheered.At 9:00 a.m my “Sharon alarm-clock rang, but who don´t love to get up for this wonderful voice.Than I had to pack my bag und hurry up to the concert. But before leaving I had to lable my arms with the dark wings. Yes, www.within-temptation-germany.de was ornamentaled at my arms. Before departure I had to pack the sparkler and the standard of France. Fully laden and ful of Dark Wings illusion(shirt was been there too) the journey started.
At 13:00 we were standing in front of the fence at the building, where should be start the concert. After standing one and an half hour, for french people it is normal to be unpunctionell. Then the fence opened, we encashed our tickets and
went to the center stage. Enroute we met Martijn( Delain) and we changed any direction indicators.

In the entry of the center stage we already heard many Germany shouts. The stranger kept free any seats for us in the first queue.One glance at the clock told us it was 14:30p.m and we had to wait of WT, whose concert should be start at 22:00 p.m.. We had an interesting talk to the friendly man( best wishes to you, sorry I have forgotten your name) . Apart he cames from Italy to france for experienced his first concert of WT.
Then the first band started their concert at this long day. Lofa , a punkband of France, heavy heavy. Pogen and stage diving could be very dangerous. I received a little laceration, but WT must be.
The next band was In Extremo, which as always made a great show,but was it possible to pogen?
The third band of thisevening was the most important Punks from England, the Exploited. Not so mentionable. The next band was not so mentionable too.

Now they came ,WT WT WT.
After the break of Wt concerts for six months. I got haertthrob as never before. We switched on the spranklers as the intro of Our Solem Hour begans, it was wonderful.The fire inspirated me to put out my poster which I designed for this day. “Sharon would you like to become my new mum” was standing on the poster. Robert was laughing during sharon puts her thumb thankfully in the air and smiled, a smile which I will never forget. Suddenly all people in the hall cried: When we started killing, what a luck the police was far away.It means the Howling.
This show was without Pyro and flames, but it was replaiced by a wonderful lightshow.and the WT- Beamer was always be presented.Frozen, Stand my Ground
forsaken and the cross was presented with power as never before.

Suddenly Keith Caputo appeared at the silver screen and that was a signal for “ What have you done”Sharon begans her part and realeased to the public.Suddenly everybody feels the positive energy of the band which made the show in joke. Sharon told us a little story about freedom and that they would like come up with The heart of Everything.

And then hands up to Mother Eart, the best song.
Ruuds live Darling “ See who I am “ begans and all 10000 people are bounced ,because everybody was able to bounce?

After” see who I am” the band made a break. The next following song was “ Angels” During the song I kept on my Dark Wings Shirt. Suddenly ruud was standing in front of me and threw a friendly look at me. Yes, they know us. All my pains were forgotten at this moment.

Sharon told us that the last songs of the evening are “hand of sorrow, and “the truth benearth the rose. HAHA Kidding

After a loud shouting ( I think it was extra benefit in french)WT came bag to the stage and the concert was ending with “Deceiver of fools” and “ Ice queen”. Our spranklers were in action as always. In between we put our poster on the stage and the evening was going die in cosiness.
It was a pity , but WT had to go directly to the bus, but the evening was wonderful.

Translation by Anna......Thanks

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