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Date registered: 21.09.2011
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Hello fellow starcraft 2, and more in general, game fanatics! In this thread I will introduce myself in short and tell you about my gaming past.

In real life

My name is Sander and I am a 23 year old student in his last year of the study Tax Economy. I love working out in the gym and going out for a drink. In my spare time I sit behind my computer and I play computergames (more about that later).

I live in the northern part of the Netherlands in the great student city called Groningen. I have been living there for the past 4 years and I will live there for at least 1,5 year to finish my study.

Gaming life

My first game I played was.... Command and Conquer! Yes the famous first one. I loved this game alot and have ever since played RTS, altho I haven't played starcraft 1 at all.

I played some FPS (mohaa) for a while and after that I started playing WoW. I have played WoW for about 5 to 6 years! In those years I have made a few good friends whom I still play with.

Starcraft 2

Bought it the day it came out and have been playing since then. Cheesed my way into mid diamand (korean 4 gate was powerful), just to find out that I didn't know any other BO or tactic.

To catch up on that I took lessons from RGNFuture ( and that took me to low master league.


Simple: top 8 master eventually. This season I hope to get between rank 25 and 35.

Expectations of UA

Been hanging around in the UA channel and participated in some internal tournaments and a friendly clan war.
My expectations are to be in an environment where I can train my 1v1 and I can also do some team games. I love the competitive side of SC2 but only if it goes hand in hand with good manner and understanding and respect of and for each other.

I think that UA can offer these things and I would be happy to join the ranks and become a better game along with you guys!

What can I offer?

A friendly (some would say crazy) active protoss player who likes to play stable and do builds that are made for either timing pushes or macro games. I dislike doing cheeses and being cheesed.

I have a very fast connection and a very powerful computer so I can also stream games and shoutcast them if so desired.



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Hey Glamdring, welcome to the unknown artists buddy!

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