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i reckon we're misunderstanding EACH Other, and i won't argue with Someone from HERE, where i'm known, mostly, to try to help/offer my Advice, IF i think other players MIGHT find id useful .. Ash, or Serenity, or whoever else CAN/WILL translate this for
WdA ?? we seem to have an argument over on T3fun,
One that I, could easily do without .. ..

thx, Y'all, and hopefully, SOON again, Happy HG'ing


/ what is lost, may NOT remain so !!

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good morning my new class foe (ask ASH what it stands for / as it is meant)

step 1)
i found your stinking socks, i cant do anything with it. probably you can stuff them into sw / so
by yourself

step 2)
you aren't able to kick my butt alone ? hmmm guess you are one-legged ?
SCR -- sorry couldn't resist

step 3) you have a strange sense of humor
okay ... thats for you

Its my pleasure to introduce myself

my name is wolfgang or short WOLLA (without H) i'm still 43 years young , most of the time in a good mood, cooperative and usually friendly. i'm a prfessional truckdriver and you can find me mostly in Germany and sometimes in Belgium, Netherland and Luxembourg. my hobbies are STEEL-dart , AMERICAN-football , driving any kind of vehicles with wheels, 2wheels, 3wheels and more and last but not least my pc's.
all the rest isn't interested at the moment, maybe later.

so far so good, i hope you can follow me ?
i guess you can

and now i explain you ... only for you my new classfoe .. what i try to say with it

and what else can be better than an example ?

is there any reason against, that we use one or probably more channels for every country/language on a game that will be played soon

something like
channel 1 US
channel 2 england
channel 3 australia
channel 4 france
channel 5 spain
channel 6 italy
channel 7 poland
channel 8 germany
channel 22 denmark
and so on ....

thats it what i asking for .., thats what i said and nothing else ... and i agree with a former poster in his observation. that the channel 8 is populated by the germans ^^

No one was offended by me, insulted or attacked
I am only responsible for what I say, not what others think

the circumstance that some fools are ignorant and arrogant, dont have to be our problem.

at last let my say one thing or two ..

an admin who say that i have to write / speak only in english (remember its a worldwide open game) is only one in my eyes : a rassist bastard who told him that the world only speak english and no other language ?????

think about it

and yes you are right when you ask me :
when You're a Guest elsewhere, and the Host tells You to do this or that, in a certain way, wouldn't You comply ?? i most CERTAINLY WOULD

i agree with you , i would too
but its not an national game its WORLDWIDE and thats the way i feel free to speak my own language

I hope I could bring you closer to my motivation for this post

the second thing ...
after a few startingproblems between us and our language barrier , hopefully we both can sleep well the next days

cu soon m8

ps: und für alle die der englischne sprache nicht mächtig sind RTFM ich mein natürlich nutzt den googel übersetzer ^^ auch wenn der scheisse iss ^^


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/Woll . .. ( the Original, mind ^^ )

/ what is lost, may NOT remain so !!

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