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Races of Myra - Part 2 - B-D


A special lifeform like no other on Myra: Crystaline beings who, if single, have a roughly humanoid shape, but usually like to be together as one big unified entity. The Bizarre can form weapons from their bodies, like the crystal javelins they throw. Their home territory is the Crystal Mountains near the Bloody Belt in the Ophis of Gwynddor.
Player race: Yes (in the Ophis of Gwynddor) / Roleplay-race: No


A special race of tree-catpeople, related to the Januffen and Kaezinnen, at home in the country Uro-Lianis on Gwynddor. (can be described a bit like bonobos or orang utans)
Player-race: Yes (on Gwynddor) / Roleplay-race: Yes (on Gwynddor)


Humanoid canibals, about 7 feet high, easily recognizable by their colourful and threatening tatoos all over their bodies, which often represent their totem spirit in symbolic form. As far as is known the Burundi are only at home in the Pottuvil-jungle in the Diktyon of the continent Karcanon, They are the chosen people of Pottundy.
Player-race: Yes (on Karcanon) / Roleplay-race: No*


The Chran are a people who were created by Artan and Grewia (Ildru) as catlike beings of about seven feet high. Hand and feet have claws. Nearly all of them have a silky black fur - only the five leaders of the Chran, the Larks, are white-furred and even bigger than the rest of their people. The five Larks are closest to Artan and are rulers and high-priests at the same time. The live hidden unter Corigani, a neighbour-continent of Karcanon, and wait for the day of their destiny, when they have to awake again and fight against the spiders of the prime evil goddess, Marlilith.

- No big race yet that starts with a D on Myra - anyone wants to invent one now?

(To be continued...)

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Singular: Capravinha
Plural: Capravinhi
Pronunciation: short vowels; silent "h"

Capravinhi are like a cross between a horse and a goat and, hopefully, they'll be a small contribution to Myraworld.

About the size of Percherons, Capravinhi are strong, versatile animals used for heavy farm labor, travel, pleasure riding, etc. They are intelligent, gentle animals with a lifespan of about 50 years.
Capravinhi are well suited to a wide range of climates. Coat colors vary widely. There are maned variants as well as variants with feathering on the legs. Females are slightly smaller than males but both males and females sport thick, curled horns.
The exact origins of the species are unknown.


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