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Date registered: 29.03.2008
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Committee: Security Council
Topic: Human Security in Timor-Leste
Country: Indonesia
Delegate: Mansiya Takenova

Indonesia is situated in the Southeast Asia and shares its borders with Timor Leste. But not only the geographical location connects these countries but also historical events (Timor’s colonial past) that linked them. Indonesia annexed Timor in 1975. After Timor gained its independence in 2002, it faced even more socio-economic problems, which led the country to the crisis and depression.
UN could play a significant role in helping Timor Leste, in particular dealing with human security issues. First of all, some necessary steps should be taken concerning the liquidation of illiteracy, providing medical assistance and educational help.
Secondly, Indonesia would recommend extending the UNMIT’s mandate, which is extremely important in stabilizing the current situation in the country. It also proposes to deploy a peacekeeping mission.
Indonesia supports United Nations on their actions towards improving current dramatic situation in Timor Leste.

Committee: Security Council
Topic: Georgia – Key to stability in the Caucasian region
Country: Indonesia
Delegate: Mansiya Takenova

The stability and peace in Georgia, as a trancontinental country, is important on the whole arena of Caucasian region. For the last years, tension between georgian and abkhazian regions intensified. Indonesia believes that UNOMIG’s mandate should be extended, for few main reasons. First of all, UN should extend its work concerning monitoring relationship between Georgian and Abkhazian sides. The incident in the Kodor Gorge is an example of the violation of the Moscow agreement on ceasefire and separation of forces agreement. Secondly, it is important to develop a mechanism for fighting with violence and criminality in order to reconcile a dispute in this region.
Indonesia also suggests discussing the withdrawal of Russian troops from Georgia, which influenced economic and social impact in the region.


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