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Committee: United Nations Security Council
Topic: Human Security in Timor-Leste
Country: Republic of South Africa
Delegate: Syed Muhammad Nishat-ul-Hassan Kazmi

There is deep, continuing alarm and concern in the Republic of South Africa over the recent civil unrest and deteriorating human security situation in Timor-Leste. In the recent past, South Africa was honoured to lead the Security Council mission to Timor-Leste, full report of which was presented before the Council on December 6, 2007. Prior to that Observer missions of Republic of South Africa had been in Timor-Leste in April 2007 to monitor the country’s presidential elections and in June 2007 to monitor Timor-Leste’s first ever parliamentary elections. The South African Observer Mission participated in the Parliamentary Elections mindful of South Africa's status as a Non-Permanent Member of the UN Security Council for 2007-2008, and its designation as the lead nation for Timor-Leste. In line with this UN mandate and South Africa's commitment to global peace and democracy, active participation by South African representative missions at these occassions is an illustration of South Africa's support to the consolidation of peace and democracy in Timor-Leste.

The general political situation in Timor-Leste remains calm and stable, but fragile. Republic of South Africa recognizes the challenges of governance and the legacy of the violent crisis of 2006 and its aftermath that continues to haunt the country’s political leadership and is affecting the people of Timor-Leste. Related to these are the unresolved issues of petitioners, the fate of 100,000 IDPs currently settled in about 53 camps and the humanitarian and socio-economic challenges that the country continues to face. With regard to the capacity of State institutions, South Africa believes that Timor-Leste faces challenges associated with weak institutions, lack of capacity and difficulties in areas of governance. Regarding the role of UNMIT, South Africa firstly applauds the role of all members of the council as well of the Secretary General, which has lead to further extension of the mission for a period of 12 months (Security Council resolution 1802). South Africa fully understands and has been emphasizing the importance of continued presence of the UNMIT and the United Nations in Timor-Leste.

In the short term, it is crucial that the Government of Timor-Leste, with the support of the United Nations and the international community, work together to improve the living conditions of the IDPs. There is an increased need for collective responsibility among Timorese people and their leaders to find solutions to their own challenges, supported by substantial support of the international community. Security challenges are great which became even more apparent after the February 11 attacks on the Timorese President and Prime Minister. South Africa in very strong terms condemns such brutal attacks on the democratically chosen representatives of Timor-Leste and considers them as an attempt to destabilize the country. We strongly believe that in order to address issues such as human security, which would be one of our main items on the agenda, a review of role of the UN and international financial institutions like UNDP, World Bank as well as IMF in Timor-Leste would be required. South Africa is determined to play its positive part in the Council to lessen the miseries of the Peoples of Timor-Leste and calls upon the international community, particularly the regional partners like Australia, Indonesia as well as ‘Friends of the Secretary General’ to act energetically on this issue to bring betterment in the lives of the people of East Timor.


Committee: United Nations Security Council
Topic: Georgia- key to stability in the Caucasian region
Country: Republic of South Africa
Delegate: Syed Muhammad Nishat-ul-Hassan Kazmi

Stability in Georgia remains a key objective for the United Nations, in order to improve situation of security and peace in the Southern Caucasus. Republic of South Africa also sees stability in Georgia necessary for stability in that region. South Africa considers Georgia as an important player in the Eurasian region, the stability and security of which is of vital interest not only to the European Union and Russia but to the larger international community as well.

The Republic of South Africa respects sovereignty, supports the territorial integrity of Georgia and supports a peaceful resolution of the conflict within Georgia's internationally recognized borders. The Republic of South Africa views Georgia's autonomy proposal as an important step in a peace process that should be marked by direct and frequent negotiations between the two sides. South Africa fully supports and appreciates UNOMIG in its efforts to help prevent the escalation of tensions in the zone of conflict and to facilitate dialogue between the Georgian and Abkhaz sides. We strongly believe that settlement of the conflict requires a successful dialogue on security, the return of internally displaced persons and refugees, economic rehabilitation and humanitarian issues. This approach, as outlined in the recent report of the Secretary General regarding Georgia, would help bring about a comprehensive political settlement of the conflict.

South Africa firmly believes that presence of United Nations Observer Mission in Georgia is extremely necessary to maintain peace and security in the region. Republic of South Africa calls upon the international community to consider further options to improve lives of the people of Georgia, which may include (but must not be limited to) increased role of other UN institution such as United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and UNHCR. We believe that UNOMIG and CIS peacekeeping forces bear a joint responsibility for the maintenance of peace in their respective areas of mandate as well as of the security of Conflict zone personnels.

South Africa is looking forward to work with other members of the Security Council to discuss the recommendations of the Secretary General about improving situation in Georgia, presented in his recent report to the Council. Republic of South Africa has been carefully taking note of the recent political developments in Georgia and looks forward to discuss all possible options to resolve conflicts for the larger benefit of the peoples of Georgia as well as Abkhazia.

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