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Committee: United Nations Security Council
Topic: Human Security in Timor Leste
Country: Republic of Panama
Delegate: Claudia Hippel

Already during its third membership as a non-permanent member of the Security Council (1976 to 1977) at the time of Indonesian occupation of Timor Leste, Panama has shown solidarity with the country on its way to self-determination and sovereignty, e.g. by voting Security Council resolution 389 (1976).
More recently, having the honour of being member of the Security Council again, Panama has been energetically supporting the Council’s commitment to a peaceful development and the reinforcement of human security of Timor Leste.
During the past six years, this young state has gone through the first phases of an internationally assisted development process towards the aims of security, stability, peace, democracy and sustainable development, fixed in its constitution. On this way, the country had to face numerous obstacles, like the high number of internally displaced persons and the precarious situation concerning food and health services and it had to suffer setbacks, like the breaking out of violence in 2006.

The United Nations, especially the UNMIT, as well as the UN’s sub-organizations and other international partners have played an important role in helping Timor Leste to deal with these problems.
Although a remarkable progress has been made in 2007 concerning the holding of elections, reforms of the security sector and the building of democratic institutions, as the Secretary General points out in his report on the United Nations’ integrated mission to Timor Leste (S/2007/50), UNMIT’s mission today is far from being accomplished.
This fact and the necessity to extend the mandate of UNMIT have been underlined by the recent attacks against the Timorese President, Mr. José Ramos-Horta and the Prime Minister, Mr. Xanana Gusmao on 11 February 2008.
That is why Panama acclaims the unanimous vote of Security Council resolution 1802, extending UNMIT’s mandate for one year until February 2009.

As Panama’s Permanent Representative to the UN pointed out in a speech on 28 February 2008, the experience of Timor Leste is an example of the importance of the conceptual evolution regards peacekeeping in our days. That is why, today, more than ever, the priorities of UNMIT’s mandate have to include not only the maintenance of peace and security but also should attend to political, institutional, humanitarian, human rights and sustainability aspects, because without them, peace and security will remain elusive. Consolidating dialogue and reconciliation, deepening reform of the justice and security sectors, resolving the problem of internally displaced persons and promoting economic development are among the various factors that must be dealt with.
Socio-economic indicators and figures from various sectors of the Timorese society, among those the evaluation according to the UN Millennium Development Goals, confirm that only an integrated approach within a faithful cooperation between the Government and the people of Timor Leste, UNMIT and the other international partners, taking into account the numerous factors preventing Timor Leste from improving on the different aspects of human security, can lead to a sustainable improvement of the country’s situation.

Panama is convinced that UNMIT’s activities in Timor Leste have be conducted in a comprehensive, coordinated and cross cutting manner and encourages the Council’s members and the international community to face their responsibility and to pursue their common efforts in favour of Timor Leste.

Claudia Hippel

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