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Date registered: 24.03.2008
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Committee: Security Council (SC)
Topic A: Human Security in Timor Leste
Country: Viet Nam
Delegate: Marcelo Rolon Gutierrez

It is worth recognising the remarkable effort made by the people and public institutions of Timor Leste in regard to their nation-building and recovery process. However, that progress is limited since the security, social and political situation remain unstable.

Viet Nam sees as urgent and indispensable UN humanitarian assistance, in the form of food provision and medical care, for the 100.000 people that were internally displaced and are now living in camps.

Any form of violence and/or abuse against women should be immediately terminated. Viet Nam believes that this extremely important goal could be achieved via legal prosecution of offenders and with a broad programme of civil education at schools and other educational centres.

Viet Nam believes that the UN could also play a significant role in advising the country in the build-up of Health and Infrastrucutre Systems. These are essential pre-conditions for a good life standard. Along the same line, a set of advices are also needed with respect to Poverty Reduction and Economic Growth Strategies.

Viet Nam firmly believes in the unconditional respect of Human Rights. In that sense, an International Criminal Tribunal should be settled for Timor Leste. Hopefully, with such an institution Humans Rights will never be violated again in East Timor.

It is evident that any society in the world needs a peaceful, secure and stable environment to function. Therefore, a complete collection of ilegal weapons by the Government or Multilateral Forces is essential.

As it can be seen, there is a lot to be done yet in Timor Leste. Therefore, support and assistence to the community are still indispensable. As a consequence, Viet Nam firmly supports the extension of UNMIT’s existing mandate. The handover of policing responsibility to National Authorities should only be gradually done as the conditions in the country improve.

Finally, no UN effort will ever be sufficient without the contribution of internal actors. Viet Nam calls all the political leaders in Timor to sit all together at the table of brotherhood and find in peaceful dialogue the best way to address differences. Peaceful and Democratic participation is the only way to effectively tackle problems such as poverty, insecurity, unemployment, displacement and violence that are causing so much harm to the people of Timor Leste.

Marcelo Rolon Gutierrez

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