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The Security Council
Timor-Leste Security Enforcement and peace sustainability
The United States of America
Delegate: Paola Lombana

Despite a protracted period of civil unrest in the country that culminated in the recent attempted assassinations of the President and the Prime Minister, the prospects for establishing lasting peace and security in Timor-Leste are good. However, critical to this is the strength of leadership shown by the recently-elected government, particularly in relation to the establishment of the rule of law; the equitable and transparent development and distribution of national resources and jobs; the development of physical infrastructure and the provision of jobs particularly for unemployed youth through labour intensive construction projects; the proper regulation and functioning of the civil service; the settlement of internally displaced persons; and the deconcentration of service delivery to the districts, especially in health, education and livelihoods (agriculture). The continuing presence of the UN and other donors is crucial to both political stability and development. The United States of America will do all that it can to support the new government and the people of Timor-Leste in the challenging times that lie ahead.

As a faithful devotee of democracy, within its own nation and promoting it in other nations around the world, The United States of America extend their hand to aid the Timorese nation, with the continual assistance from its wide range of aid programs in the country, with the unique goal of building a viable economy and democratic system. We stand firm to seek solutions for the respect of the human rights of all the Timorese people starting from the political stakeholders to the groups in the population which are divided.

Therefore, The United States of America, as an active partaker in the establishment and development of the East Timor and as an integrated member of the Core Group, we call for deeper commitment of the United Nations Organization and the international community, in the financial assistance and in providing mission of voluntary and dedicated trainee groups to consult with the Timorese government and civil society, that will enable to reach satisfactory and permanent solutions.

Furthermore, as a nation that proclaims justice, we concur that one of the strongest hindrances to create trust and reconciliation within the Timorese society, lies in the fact that proper accountability for the past crimes and against humanity during the Indonesian invasion, the violence professed in 1999 and the April-May 2006 riots, have not been properly addressed to. This will continue to provoke the distrust and affect the reconciliation process, even in present events. We support the Agreement for UN Serious Crimes investigators that has been signed between the UN UNMIT mission and the government and we stress the importance of the effectiveness and transparency that the UNMIT must command to guarantee accountability results and resolutions. We understand the difficult situation that the Timorese nation is facing and pronounces it to be the normal stages which are present in any new nation formation. We believe that time, adequate support, genuine commitment from the government and a factual objective set in, it will gradually allow the country to benefit from the fruits of its labour.

The United States of America wishes to express their desire to support the extension of the United Nations mission to Timor-Leste for a length of time based on the Secretary –General’s recommendation for a one year extension. We recognize the vital role that UNMIT is playing to ensure and restore stability in Timor-Leste. We depend on UNMIT to continue support the Timorese in developing the capacity of the national police (the PNTL) and address the needs of this nation, rooting the deep poverty and unemployment through an appropriate sustainable development program; to deal with the rivalry between the armed forces that has spread to the general population and to help in the settlement of the government and main opposite parties involved.

The United States of America, as permanent member of the Security Council and finding itself well positioned to do so, wishes to ensure that the Timorese nation achieves it long lasting dream, that the Timorese people may live to accomplish their aspirations and have the right to live in a secure environment and in peacefulness. The United States of America has played an important role in the construction of this nation and is willing to continue to do so and to support the United Nations on their further efforts on Timor-Leste.

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