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check your coat! lets go!
we gonna make a trip
you have to take a stand
there are some borders to define

is there something worth to know?
we gonna grab a scrip
you have to take my hand
let`s watch the symptoms of decline

opinions are on sale
you have to make a choice
it`s all beyond the pale
you have to raise your voice

outrageous injustice
and no one can stop this
the statements and reasons
nothing else but high treasons
of mankind

shake off that shackle
of deadlock and tackle
wrong prophets vain leaders
collectors mind readers so unkind

check your moat! let`s go!
they gonna skinny dip
before we cff their hands
there are some demons to confine

don`t you see the evil grow?
it`s gonna reequip
it`s starting to expand
spreading everywhere its sign

dominions will derail
you neither hear a noise
nor oversee the scale
of what the world droysest

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