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Eric Mona, when asked in an Interview in Kobold Quarterly 01, had this to say on Names in a Fantasy World like Myra:

Eric Mona schrieb
    The thing that I draw most inspiration from is names. Not stealing names and using them, but thinking about why Jack Vance’s names work, and why just a random selection of consonants with apostrophes in them don’t work.

    In a lot of tournament adventures you’ll see a character with a name like Rosie, a really mundane Earth name. Looking at the names used by Robert Howard or Jack Vance….

    (Question Wolfgang Baur): Some of them are like Earth names–

    Exactly! Monte Cook will take earth names and change a couple of consonants. There’s a sense of familiarity, and yet it’s not familiar.

    My conventions for naming are, it should sound fantastic, so it shouldn’t be something like Jean-Phillipe, that immediately says “Oh it’s French!” There probably isn’t France in your world, so I would avoid names that obviously sound French, that just immediately jars me out the fantasy.

    It should sound fantastic. It should be spelled like it sounds. And lastly, and this is the most important one, the name itself should give you some idea of what that character is like. Doing that is tough. But the players are juggling hundreds of names, so they’re not going to remember a guy
    whose name is Aaron. But if the guy’s name is Balabar Smenck, that name has “bastard” written all over it.

    That’s the rules that I take from Vance and Howard.

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