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Beitrag vom Samstag, Juni 25, 2005 @ 03:22

For those interested to participate in this project MYRA in english (either as their native language or because they prefer to use that) I have created a MYRA community on LifeJournal.

Here's the description:
The project "MYRA" (.myra// ?) is the idea to create one shared fantasy world together with an unlimited number of people (over 1000 up to now) over an unlimited number of years (over 20 up to now). This world is used as a background for D20 fantasy roleplaying campaigns (open gaming) both offline and diceless online. It is used as the background for a plethora of stories and poems and even full-fledged printed novels are possible.

We welcome any creative talent, poets, writers, artists with anime-sketches or full-blown paintbrush pictures, drawing with pencils or using photoshop or terragen for breathtaking raytraced landscapes.

How can you contribute? You can just contribute some product of your creativity here - and it will be attributed to a certain place and time in the global frame of this fantasy world. You don't have to "dig" this world or in fact roleplaying (or complex boardgame-like Play-By-Email scenarios) or even gaming at all to contribute - just be creative and submit something that could at least *also* be set in our fantasy world.

Or you can 'adopt' a small part of this world in time and space which is and will stay yours to add to as long as that is your wish. That can be a person or group, a county or country, or even a continent. Yours to add to and moderate, with friends if you wish to do so.
If you're just looking for a background for your stories, your pictures or your D20 campaign, feel free to lurk and read and snatch -and contribute- what you like. If it doesn't work on Myra, we'll let you know.

Any submission absolutely has to be free of copyright issues by third parties and can be published by us based on the CreativeCommons CC-license, where you will be credited, but anything you enter can and will be openly used.

And here's the community itself:

Neue MYRA-Mailingliste
Post: myra@groups.io
Subscribe: myra+subscribe@groups.io
Unsubscribe: myra+unsubscribe@groups.io
Group Owner: myra+owner@groups.io
Help: myra+help@groups.io

Twitter http://twitter.com/projektmyra - Tiktok https://www.tiktok.com/@projektmyra

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