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Translation - Episode 33 palacerani srk.org


EP33 – A

SRK: As you all saw, we are all the best here. Actually the heroes bigger than me are here – my 5 heroes and heroines. We have zeros too over here. We have 7 zeros after 5 which make 5 crore rupees. To try and win it is our next contestant, 18 year old Shrishti Barua from Gauhati, Assam. Here you are Shrishti, welcome back. How do you feel?

S: Great.

SRK: I danced to welcome you here.

S: Thank you.

SRK: because you’ve won 2 lakhs. But you don’t have any cheats left. Did you study any more, when you found some time?

S: A little.

SRK: ok say with me – Khadak Singh’s rattling made the windows rattle.
The rattling of windows rattled Khadak Singh.

What do you plan to do with your 2 lakhs?

S: I’ll buy books and I’ll invest a bit in my studies.

SRK: very good. She’ll buy books on Genetic Engineering, study further but if you want to do that you have to play with us for 6 more questions. So let's find out if Shrishti Barua from Assam is smarter than a 5th grader or not.

Ok Shrishti you're playing for 5 lakhs. The subjects are coming up so you can choose but you have no one to help you, except me.

S: Class 3 Stories.

SRK: please show the question for the big 5 lakhs.

In the Mahabharata, which son of the wind God Vayu met Bhima?

SRK: what happened?

S: Mahabharata…Vayudev…

SRK: you must have some idea. Which are the characters in Mahabharata?

S: No.

SRK: you must have heard of it somewhere. You're in a safe place of 2 lakhs so you can say anything. Any names other than Bhimji?

S: No I can't remember.

SRK: Vayudev’s son. When I tell you the answer you'll go – oh yes!

S: If I don’t know, I won't say that.

SRK: no, you will know, you would have heard of it, it's not difficult, it's a class 3 question. What do you want to do?

S: I’d like to quit.

SRK: No! You can't leave the class. How can you do that? You're leaving the class? Kids – dum lagake haisha! Zor lagake haisha! You still want to leave?

S: yes.

SRK: ok if you want to leave you'll have to say – I’m Shrishti Barua from Assam, you’ve seen all my medals, I want to leave the class.

S: I Shrishti Barua am from Assam, I've won a lot of medals, I want to quit the game. I’d like to sing a song for you if you could dance with me.

SRK: first let me tell you the answer. Shall I ask the kids? Shriya?

Shriya: Hanuman.

Dheirya: Son of the wind God, Hanuman.

SRK: Hanuman ji is the right answer. Shrishti wants to sing for me before she leaves.

Very well done, thank you very much. Now look in the camera and say – I Shrishti Barua, a strange girl, I've won a gold medal for Science and I rattle windows for Khadak Singh, but I'm not smarter than a 5th grader.
Thank you, God bless you.

Shrishti Barua left us just now with 2 lakhs. It feels good to hear a young person say she is going to use her winnings to study further and achieve something in life. But we still have time in our class. Our new contestant is from Delhi a 38 year old primary school teacher, please put your hands together for Vandana Mehdiratta. Good to have you on this show, ma’am. Whenever I see a teacher in a sari I kneel down.

V: Very nice. I'm sure you must be remembering your childhood days.

SRK: not childhood but my youth. Which classes do you teach, 1-5?

V: Yes, 1-5.

SRK: so you must know every question we ask.

V: I should know.

SRK: the world revolves on hope. We hope you'll win 5 crores and if for some reason you don’t win 5 crores, you'll have to look in that camera and say – I'm a primary teacher myself and I teach kids from 1-5, but I'm not smarter than a 5th grader. Will you say that?

V: Ok.

SRK: then choose your classmate.

V: Milanjeet.

SRK: let's find out if Vandana ji is smarter than a 5th grader or not. For 10,000 rupees choose your subject or color or whatever.

V: The classes go from lower to upper so I'll go with Class 1 Animal Kingdom.

SRK: please show the question for 10,000.

True or false – The tortoise crawls on 6 legs.

SRK: Milanjeet feels he knows it.

V: This is false.

SRK: why? How many legs does it have?

V: 4.

SRK: have you ever counted them?

V: no, not really…

SRK: a tortoise is not an animal that’s common; it doesn’t roam around the neighborhood like a cat or dog.

V: I've read in books, seen pictures and seen on TV.

SRK: only 4? It hides a lot of things so are you sure it doesn’t hide 2 legs?

V: No.

SRK: ok it's your decision, what do you want to do?

V: I want to fix it.

SRK: ok then go for it. At least we know now that primary school teachers know a lot about tortoises because 4 is the right answer for 10,000 rupees.

V: I have 900 students counting on me. My school has 900 students.

SRK: will she keep the faith of 900 students? – Vandana ji from Delhi, a primary school teacher. That reminds me, my teacher used to give me lots of homework and I hated it and I want to give you some homework which will give you a chance to win 1 lakh. So take a break and I’ll chat some more with Vandana ji.

EP33 – B

SRK: welcome to our class in KAPPS. With me is Vandana Mehdirattan ji and your husband is also here. Can we meet him? Where is he? Namaste Mehdiratta saab, what's your name?

Husband: Sanjay.

SRK: Sanjay saab, is she strict as a teacher?

Husband: yes, quite strict.

SRK: is she strict with you too? Does she make you stand in the corner too?

Husband: Oh yeah she does.

SRK: C’mon Sanjay, go stand on the bench!

Husband: Absolutely.

SRK: do you think she’ll win 5 crores with all those 900 expectations?

Husband: She should. We all hope for that.

SRK: ok welcome here Sanjay ji and we also hope you win 5 crores and fulfill the expectations of 900 students. Choose your subject for 20,000.

V: Class 1 Stories.

SRK: please show the question for 20,000.

True or false – Mickey Mouse has a dog names Pluto.

SRK: you teach a lot but do you also watch cartoons or read comics with your kids? Milanjeet has fixed his answer.

V: Yes I have read them. It's true. Whether he’s Mickey Mouse’s dog or not, there is a dog Pluto.

SRK: There's a dog Pluto but you don’t know if he belongs to Mickey Mouse. You have 3 cheats, doesn’t mean you have to use them – Peek, Copy and Save.

V: I think it's true. There's Minnie Mouse along with Mickey Mouse but does Pluto belong in the same category….I’ll go with the answer ‘true’.

SRK: go for it. Even if you're wrong you can be saved if Milanjeet’s answer is right.

I want to ask you a logic question. How can a mouse have a dog as a pet? Hmm….

V: You trapped me, didn’t you.

SRK: you didn’t think of that did you.

V: I told you there's Mickey and Minnie Mouse.

SRK: but how did they get a dog as a pet? Let me ask Sanjay ji, whom you make stand on the bench often. I’ll make you stand on the bench if you're wrong.

Husband: True.

SRK: you think it's true too?

Husband: Yes. Mice can have dogs as pets.

SRK: now I know why you make him stand on the bench often. But I've also realized again that primary school teachers pay attention to cartoons and comics too because Pluto is the right answer. I scared you for a while, didn’t I?

V: you scared me a lot, not for a little while, for a long time. Be thankful my heart didn’t fail.

SRK: oh, I thought you said be thankful I didn’t slap you.

V: The government has forbidden that so how can I slap you?

SRK: how do you look when you give that strict look to your school kids?

Oooh I got so scared! I got so scared that Milanjeet said he’ll go back since he has already helped with 2 questions. Choose a new classmate.

V: Sreeparna.

SRK: choose your subject for 50,000.

V: Class 2 Social Studies.

SRK: please show the question for 50,000.

In which month is Van Mahotsava observed every year in India?

SRK: Sreeparna thinks she knows it. Do you know anything about this?

V: I've heard of Van Mahotsava but which month it’s celebrated in…I've never paid attention to that.

SRK: there are only 12 months, choose one.

V: The options are few. Can I tell you I want to cheat?

SRK: No way, do you allow cheating in your class?

V: No, I don’t allow it.

SRK: so if anyone cheats in your class what do you do?

V: they’ll have to stay away from me, that’s all.

SRK: so I’ll close my eyes and you’ll cheat?

V: You can look if you want to.

SRK: which cheat would you like to use?

V: I want to Peek.

SRK: then say you want to cheat from Sreeparna – Oh God I can’t bear to look.

V: I want to cheat from Sreeparna.

SRK: let's see what Sreeparna has written, if she can save you or not. She wrote ‘July’. Now it's your decision. You can go with her answer or give your own.

V: I’ll go with this.

SRK: then fix and say you’ll go with July.
July is the right answer. That’s 50,000 rupees, Vandana ji. Choose your subject for 1 lakh, Sreeparna is still here to help you.

V: Class 4 Plant Kingdom.

SRK: please show the question for 1 lakh.

True or false – mangrove trees have roots above the ground.

SRK: Sreeparna thinks she knows it.

V: This is true.

SRK: sure? You're playing for 1 lakh, you still have Copy and Save left.
If you're very sure, you can fix it.
Let's see what Sreeparna wrote. If you're wrong and Sreeparna wrote ‘false’, you can be saved. She wrote ‘true’. That means if you're wrong then she can't save you either. I had great fun playing the game with you and I'd like to continue but…normally what my heart wishes comes true. True is the right answer. You don’t know how much fun I'm having scaring a teacher. I'm so happy I'm going crazy with it and since I don’t want you all to see me going crazy, take a short break so I can get my sanity back and play some more.

EP33 – C
SRK: welcome back to KAPPS. With me is Vandana Mehdiratta and she has won 1 lakh rupees and you have also cheated form a kid. She's a primary school teacher in Delhi for classes 1-5. Today is her actual test.

V: today I understand how the kids feel when I’m ruling.

SRK: but see how nice we are – we give you our kids to help you, we lend them to you. So choose one more kid to help you.

V: Dheirya.

SRK: choose a subject for 2 lakhs.

V: Class 4 General Knowledge.

SRK: please show the question for 2 lakhs.

Which Middle East Asian country’s flag is this?

SRK: Dheirya thinks he knows it.

V: I want some help for this.

SRK: ok I’ll give you a hint. It's a Middle Eastern African country. I can’t give a bigger hint than that; I’ll lose my job. This is for the 2 lakh place. What do you want to do? If you don’t give the right answer…

V: It's ok, government won't let me use it so why would it let you?

SRK: I didn’t say anything.

V: Neither did I.

SRK: I'm just looking at the foot ruler – seeing how nicely it’s made from wood. I’ll keep it down. What do you want to do? You have Copy and Save. Even if you give a wrong answer Dheirya can save you if he's right.

V: I want to copy.

SRK: you don’t have any idea?

V: No.

SRK: then you have to say again that you want to copy from a kid. All your class kids are watching you now.

V: I’ll switch the TV off.

SRK: you can switch off your TV but who’ll put off the TV of 900 school kids?

V: Looks like you never got the chance to pull your teachers’ legs; you're taking it all out on me.

SRK: I’ve been waiting, I'm a very patient man, I've been waiting for years. What do you want to do? Copy? Then fix and say you want help. Let's see what Dheirya wrote. He wrote Egypt. If this answer is wrong, the game ends here and your money will drop down to zero.

V: Whether it's right or wrong, it’s too late.

SRK: but Egypt is the right answer, 2 lakhs to you. Now you're reaching a place where you can earn double the money. We’re moving on to the section 5 lakh rupees. Choose a subject.

V: Class 5 Science.

SRK: please show the question for 5 lakhs.

For which of these diseases did Louis Pasteur create a vaccine - Polio, Rabies or Smallpox?

SRK: Dheirya knows the answer before I can read the question.

V: It's smallpox.

SRK: you think it's smallpox.

V: I'm sure of it. I’ll fix it.

SRK: if you're that confident I won't stop you or discuss it. Sure? Absolutely? No problem at all? Go for it then.
Vandana, for 5 lakhs your answer is completely wrong. Now will Vandana ji stay in this game or not? I’ll lat you know after a short homework break.

EP33 – D

SRK: welcome back to KAPPS. With me is Vandana ji who was playing for 5 lakhs and gave the wrong answer, smallpox. Let's see what the kids wrote. They wrote Rabies.

V: And Rabies is the right answer.

SRK: now you think Rabies is the right answer. Let's see if Dheirya knows this or did he write smallpox because only Dheirya can save you.
He wrote rabies. That’s the right answer. Dheirya has to go back now.
Now you have no cheats left. For 10 lakhs choose your subject.

V: Class 2 Indian Geography.

SRK: please show the question for 10 lakhs.

What is the capital of Jharkhand?

V: It's Ranchi.

SRK: sure?

V: Now don’t keep asking me if I'm sure. It's becomes a big problem then.

SRK: what do you want to do?

V: I’ll fix this answer.

SRK: your answer, your choice, go for it.

V: So many kids have wished me well so it has to be right.

SRK: Sanjay saab?

Husband: It's right.

V: If both of us say it's right will you accept it?

SRK: If man and woman are willing then what can the priest do?

V: No you have to accept the capital is Ranchi.

SRK: ok you said so and he said so and Ranchi’s the right answer.
I heard you copied your teachers.

V: Yes I did.

SRK: how and which teacher?

V: I had a Physics teacher and she had bangs fixed here. She would teach – ok fine, now I'm telling you this thing…and I copied that in front of her.

SRK: she didn’t scold you?

V: No she got very upset.

SRK: did you watch the film MHN? Sushmita Sen played the role of the Chemistry teacher. Do you like that song?

V: Yes I do. I like all your movies.

SRK: will you dance with me on that song? Tumhe jo maine dekha….

V: You know, I'm puzzled – you saw Sushmita Sen and sang to her, now you see me and sing to me?

SRK: I see any teacher in a sari and I sing. Come here, let me sing.
Choose your subject for 20 lakhs.

V: Class 5 Personalities.

SRK: Before I show the question I'm tired after dancing so much so I’ll rest a bit and you too take a short tiffin break and come back soon because this primary school teacher is only 3 questions. Can she prove that she's smarter than a 5th grader?

EP33 – E

SRK: welcome back to KAPPS. With me is Vandana Mehdiratta who’s only 3 questions away from 1 crore. Before the break she chose Class 5 Personalities for 20 lakhs. So please show the question for 20 lakhs.

Who became the youngest female chess player in the world to win the Grandmaster Norm in 2002?

SRK: Pour Splendid World – have you heard of that book? It's in the 5th grade. You must know something.

V: I don’t know, not at all.

SRK: in the sports pages? Are you interested in sports?

V: Not really.

SRK: you have won 10 lakhs from the class already. How important is 10 lakhs?

V: Very important.

SRK: what would you use it for?

V: It’ll come in handy in the business, in my kids’ education.

SRK: 10 lakhs is a lot of money if you leave our class. And we enjoyed having you here – that is if you’re leaning towards quitting.

V: Yes, I’d like to quit.

SRK: then you have to fix and say you want to quit.

V: I want to quit.

SRK: very well done, you’ve win 10 lakhs. First I’ll tell you the answer then I’ll get you to say what I want you to say, but in a fun way. The answer is Koneru Hampi. Have you heard the name? She was 15 years, one month and 27 days old when she achieved this feat on 27th May, 2002. Thank you very much for coming here but please don’t think you can leave. You have to look in that camera and say I'm a primary school teacher of classes 1-5, I teach everyone but that doesn’t mean I know everything. Maybe I'm not smarter than a 5th grader.

V: I teach kids till the 5th grade, I'm a teacher, you know a lot and so do I but…do. You know how they write that?

SRK: Do? Ditto?

V: Yes ditto what he said – that I'm not smarter than a 5th grader.

SRK: very good, thank you for coming here. She's leaving us with 10 lakhs.

We had a lot of fun playing the game with Vandana ji, she won 10 lakhs. She's a very good teacher and I learned a lot. But we still have time left so let me call another classmate. He's an 18 year old business development manager of Vipro, he's from Bangalore, welcome Jyotirmoy Bhattacharya ji. Good to have you.

J: Thanks for pronouncing my name correctly.

SRK: I normally make mistakes with names. You work at Vipro? What are your interests?

J: I love quizzing though it's dangerous to say that here.

SRK: it's only questions till 5th grade, how can that be dangerous?

J: Even so it's dangerous. And even if it isn't, quizzing is my primary interest and because of that I like reading, music, movies – reading and music I like a lot.

SRK: do you have a nickname?

J: I'm called Joe because my name is a tongue twister. So Joe is ok.

SRK: I’ll call you Joe. Choose a classmate before we begin.

J: Milanjeet.

SRK: Milanjeet is here, Jyotirmoy is here so let's see if Jyoritmoy is smarter than a 5th grader. Choose a subject for 10,000.

J: Class 1 Personalities.

SRK: please show the question for 10,000.

Born in Varanasi, which freedom fighter’s childhood name was Manu?

J: Manu is basically a female name.

SRK: Manu? Do you know Milanjeet’s nickname? Mili.

J: Ok, even so, I still say Manu – what I remember…

SRK: Mili thinks he knows it.

J: From Manu we get Manikarnika and from that we get Rani Laxmibai.
Among the freedom fighters we have Gandhiji, Chandashekhar Azad, Bhagat Singh – none of them. I would still go with Rani Laxmibai.

SRK: what do you want to do for 10,000.

J: I want to fix it.

SRK: it's class 1 Personalities, it must be simple.

J: Shall I fix it?

SRK: Your choice.
I told you it not necessary that Manu is a woman’s name.

J: That’s true but from the beginning It struck me as Rani Laxmibai.

SRK: you also didn’t know whether she was born in Varanasi.

J: No I didn’t know that.

SRK: you took a chance, but the good thing is that if you're wrong you can be saved if Milanjeet is right. But it's also good that you don’t need any help because the right answer is Rani Laxmibai of Jhansi.
Who did you thank?

J: God.

SRK: what did you say to Him?

J: Just thanked Him for saving me. I'm not in a position to say more right now.

SRK: I think you must have prayed to God to end the class. So we’ll keep you standing here for 24 hours – 23 hours. We’ll play tomorrow.

I want to tell the audience that I'm feeling a little sad because the show is nearing its end. After today we only have 4 classes left. Then the season will end and I will miss you a lot. Keep me in your heart even when I'm not here, I will remember you always.

We’ll meet tomorrow and Joe will be here too. So everybody – Kalvida!


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Translation - Episode 34 palacerani srk.org


EP34 – A

SRK: This is my 5th grade team. Last night when I was going home after the show my heart was heavy thinking that from next week there will be no more of this show. I’ve tried to express my feelings so please listen with your heart.

I never thought we’d meet this way
I’d listen to you and tell you what’s in my heart
When anyone came through that door
I felt an instant connection with that person
I’ll always remember these kids’ tales
I never thought we’d meet this way
Each night here was filled with dreams
I never thought we’d meet this way.

Just a minute. How did I write such a good poem? This is not of my standard. Oh sorry, I was reading someone else’s poem. My poem is on this side. Let me present it to you:

There was a beautiful woman, like a fairy
Who looked at me from her balcony
When I went to her I got a tight slap from her dad

Now that’s more my style. I'm now going to call a young smart student who’s of the age for which this poem was written. From Bangalore, a business development manager from Vipro, 28 year old Jyotirmoy Bhattacharjee. Welcome Jyotir, good to have you here. He has won 10,000 rupees so far. He answered the question so quickly – Rani Laxmibai. How do you feel now?

J: Great.

SRK: your wife is also here? Hello, how are you? What's your name?

Wife: Smiti.

SRK: Was it a love marriage or arranged?

Wife: Both.

SRK: which came first – love or the arranged part?

Wife: Love.

SRK: where did you two meet?

Wife: In Ahmedabad.

SRK: what were you doing there?

J: I was studying in Surat and we met through common friends. Surat and Ahmedabad are pretty near.

SRK: you went there to study but fell in love instead.

J: I did a bit of studying too.

SRK: do you think he’ll win 5 crores?

Wife: The probability is high.

SRK: your wife has a lot of confidence in you and to add to it we have these students to help you. Milanjeet was helping you last so come back Milanjeet. So let's find out everybody, if Jyotirmoy is smarter than a 5th grader or not. Choose your subject in any order for 20,000.

J: Class 3 General Knowledge.

SRK: please show the question to Jo for 20,000.

After which guru-shishya pair from the Mahabharat has the Indian government named two awards given in the field of sports?

J: The most famous pair are Dronacharya and Arjun. The best coach award is called the Dronacharya award….

SRK: here we have a guru-shishya pair too and this shishya thinks he knows the answer.

J: I was saying that the Dronacharya award is given to the best coach and the Arjun award for best sportsmanship. So it's Dronacharya and Arjun.

SRK: want to fix it?

J: Absolutely.

SRK: you gave such a good explanation – even I didn’t know this. Your answer is absolutely right. Milanjeet has to go back now. Choose another classmate.

J: Anubhav.

SRK: So smart kid, choose a subject. for 50,000.

J: Class 1 Indian Geography.

SRK: please show the question for 50,000.

Which town is located as the southern tip of the Indian mainland?

SRK: any idea?

J: yes. At the southernmost tip is kanyakumari and Rameswaram is also there. But if town is what's asked for, I would go for Rameswaram. I'm confused.

SRK: you have 3 cheats left. If you're wrong and Anubhav is right he can save you. Have you fixed your answer? If you know it, fix it.

J: I’ll play it safe and go with Kanyakumari.

SRK: You had Rameswaram in mind so why didn’t you go with that?

J: Rameswaram faces Sri Lanka and we always say Kashmir to Kanyakumari. No one says Kashmir to Rameswaram. So it's more likely to be Kanyakumari.

SRK: you took a chance and that was good. You’ve won 50,000.
We have a message from a friend of yours. Who’s your best friend?

J: I'm blessed with a circle of very good friends and the best is Fagun alias Faggy.

SRK: what sort of name is Faggy! Let's see if it's from Faggy.

Friend: When we were in college together, Jyotirmoy and 2 other friends started an OM cult which said stop studying and worship God. So we started an anti-cult in answer to that and surrounded the 3 of them. We beat up one and locked him up, and we cut off half of Jyotimoy’s mustache and made sure he stayed with half a mustache for the rest of the week. Those were college days. I know Jyotirmoy is very sharp and I'm very sure he’ll win 5 crores. I wish him the best. Thanks a lot.

SRK: What great friends you have! They beat you up and cut off your mustache.

J: We told everyone to stop studying - it’s all a waste of time – and just chant OM.

SRK: I think the same way. That’s why I made a film OSO. Let's see how far Jo goes, how much he listens to Faggy. You can answer the homework question in the meantime and win 1 lakh. So come back soon to watch us play KAPPS with Jo.

EP34 – B

SRK: thank you very much for joining us again in KAPPS. With me is Jo. Choose your subject.

J: Class 2 Monuments and Places.

SRK: please show the question for 1 lakh.

In which nation-state would you find the Sistine Chapel?

SRK: Anubhav thinks he knows it.

J: Sistine Chapel was painted by Michelangelo at St. Peter’s church in Rome. But it’s located in the Vatican which in itself is a country.

SRK: how sure are you?

J: 99.9%.

SRK: want to go with it? Go for it then. Who are you looking at? Your wife to see if you're right?

J: Yes – inspiration.

SRK: what does inspiration say?

Wife: I myself don’t know it.

SRK: now how sure are you? 99.999?

J: I'm still 99.9% sure.

SRK: I’ll make it a 100%. Vatican City is the right answer. Anubhav has to leave now. Very well played Jo.

J: I’ll select Dheirya.

SRK: why were you so happy to select Dheirya?

J: He's mindblowingly cute.

SRK: he's also mindblowingly smart. How had you prepared for coming here?

J: I bought a general knowledge book and I used it to prepare as much as I could but I don’t know if it can give me completer 1-5 grade knowledge.
SRK: I’ll give you some good news – actually to all the kids too. We’ve also released a few Paanchvi Pass quiz books. The next time you want to prepare – it will not just contain all the questions asked here, it has some more questions which will increase your knowledge. We’ve also designed a quiz game for adults and kids. Some really nice questions in this. How handsome is Shahrukh Khan on a scale of 1-10 – 10 choices. Now you choose your question.

J: Class 4 Culture.

SRK: please show the question for 2 lakhs.

Which of these 4 saints was a disciple of Guru Ramanand – Kabir, Surdas or Tulsidas?

SRK: Dheirya thinks he knows it.

J: As far as I know Guru Ramanand was a sufi saint and only Kabir is a sufi out of these three. So I’ll go with Kabir.

SRK: you're playing for 2 lakhs, your choice.

J: I’ll fix Kabir.

SRK: what do you think?

J: I hope it's right.

SRK: how much hope do you have – 99…50…40…20…22…7?

J: 99.

SRK: 99%? Yes for 2 lakhs Kabir is the right answer. Very well done. Now you’ve reached the 2 lakh mark and you still have your 3 cheats left. I think he's playing very well. C’mon kids, once more – dum laga ke haisha! Zor laga ke haisha! You're playing very well and you're moving on to the 2nd part of this game. We’re playing for 5 lakh rupees. Choose your subject, I’m having great fun playing with you.

J: Class 5 World History.

SRK: He jumps straight to class 5. Please show the question for 5 lakhs.

The African country of Congo (Zaire) was a colony of which European power?

J: The problem with this question is that there are 2 Congos – one is of Zaire and the other is the Democratic Republic of Congo. One of them was definitely a colony of Belgium because its capital also is named after a Belgian king. This Zaire Congo – I’m not sure if it belonged to Belgium or France.

SRK: maybe Dheirya is confused too who knows if it’s only about France and Belgium or about other things too. He hasn’t written his answer yet.

J: I could be wrong but if I look at it logically one Congo has been given a Belgian name because the other Congo has a different name too. So I think this Congo, which is not of Belgium is the France one. So I'm taking God’s name and fixing France.

SRK: Dheirya also has fixed his answer but he took his time. Think it over and decide what you want to go with.

J: I still want to go with France. I’m fixing it.

SRK: you have your ‘save’ cheat even if your answer is wrong. Dheirya can save you if his answer is right. Let's see what he wrote. Please show it on the board. He wrote France. So if France is wrong he can't save you. What do you think?

J: This time I favor France 80:20. Unfortunately I know a lot about this country but I’m confused on this issue.

SRK: this question can confuse anyone. Unfortunately France is the wrong answer. The right answer is Belgium – which you thought may be the right answer. But you played extremely well Jyotirmoy. I've played this game with a lot of people but I can say from my heart that your one of the best quiz contestants I've had in this school. If you ask me and my kids here, you're definitely smarter than a 5th grader. So gimme a hug and look in that camera and say – even if it's a lie – that you’re not smarter than a 5th grader.

J: I Jyotirmoy Bhattacharjee agree that I'm not smarter than a 5th grader.

SRK: I disagree. I think he's a whole lot smarter than a 5th grader. 2 lakhs for you man, God bless you.

We still have some time left so we’ll call a new contestant. Please come back soon after a short break, we’ll have a new contestant ready for you.

EP34 – C

Welcome back to KAPPS. We’re going to have a new classmate, a 22 year old MBA student from Bhopal, Sahiba Bawa. Good to have you, Sahiba. What do you do?

S: I'm pursuing my MBA in Hyderabad.

SRK: I heard that you're a radio jockey too.

S: For some time.

SRK: so tell us how you sounded.

S: I used to depict the typicality of actors and actresses. So if we talk about Simi Garewal – there's a typical way she responds in every episode. “Oh my God! That was so heartrending! How did you manage?” She says this in every episode.

SRK: yeah she gets emotional every time even for normal stuff - How’s the weather today, is it raining? – Oh my God! It's raining! She's going to get me for saying this about her but I love Simi, she's really nice. Are you good in studies? What do you want to do after your MBA?

S: I want to work in my parents’ business and make it worse.

SRK: what business do they do?

S: They have central India’s largest spa…

SRK: by spa you mean places where they strip you naked and massage you. Is anyone here with you?

S: Yes, my mom

SRK: hello mamma, how are you? What's the name of you spa?

Mom: Spa Treat.

SRK: do you think this daughter of yours who wants to study and then spoil your business will be able to answer the questions well?

Mom: she's very intelligent so I think she's going to win.

SRK: how intelligent is she?

Mom: A whole lot.

SRK: world’s most intelligent?

Mom: no, not that much, but of Bhopal at least.

SRK: ok Bhopal’s most intelligent girl is here with me. Choose your classmate.

S: Taruni.

SRK: she's our new classmate. Welcome Taruni. She's our new classmate. All the best to you, Taruni. Let's find out if Sahiba is smarter than a 5th grader or not.
Choose your subject for 10,000 rupees.

S: Class 4 Plant Kingdom.

SRK: she's jumping straight ahead to class 4. Please show the question for 10,000.

What gives carrots their distinctive yellow-orange-red color?

S: My choice is great, the kid is great, so we’ll see about the answer. Carrot has Vit A, C, high on roughage….

SRK: they must talk about health issues in your spa and serving carrot juice.

S: Lots. I seriously don’t have a clue.

SRK: let me tell you about the cheats – Peek, Copy and Save. So Bhopal’s most intelligent girl is going to cheat from a little kid?

S: Mummy, I told you not to say that.

SRK: mummy talked a bit too much? Which cheat do you want to use?

S: Peek.

SRK: so fix that you want to Peek from Taruni.

S: I want to Peek from sweet Taruni.

SRK: please show Taruni’s answer. She said Caroten.
She wrote caroten but carotene is what she means. What do you think? You want to go with her answer?

S: She's right, I’ll go with her.

SRK: Taruni you get 100% marks because carotene is the right answer. Well done. Now choose a subject for 20,000.

S: Class 1 Social Studies.

SRK: please show the question for 20,000.

In which month does India celebrate ’Ganatantra Diwas’?

SRK: Taruni thinks she knows it.

S: January.

SRK: why did you press it before you answered? You’re definite about this?

S: Please someone tell me what they say in Hindi for Independence Day. I know it but I forgot.

SRK: you're a radio jockey, you should know different languages. Today is Independence Day, today is Ganatantra Diwas…today is Swatantrata Diwas (Independence Day). So what is this in English?

S: Republic Day.

SRK: sure? They why are you worried? 20,000 rupees.

S: The moment I don’t look at you, I remember everything.

SRK: ok then the next question I’ll ask with my back turned so you can't look at me. Done? Taruni thank you very much. This is your 1st day in class so very well done.

S: Anubhav.

SRK: Anubhav, come here. Sahiba feels that when I look at her she forgets everything. Sp I’ll work this out with her – as a matter of fact I want to give you a homework question so you can win 1 lakh but I’ll say this with my back turned. All of you please answer the question and quickly come back after the homework break.

EP34 – D
Welcome back and thank you for coming back to KAPPS. With me is Sahiba who has answered 2 questions. Let's see if you can answer the question for 50,000. choose your subject.

S: Class 2 English.

SRK: please show the question for 50,000.

True or False – the word ‘true’ is an antonym of the word ‘false’.

SRK: you know what an antonym is? What's your answer?

S: True.

SRK: shall I turn away?
S: I’m fainting, forget me being able to think.

SRK: if you're going to faint make sure you give the answer and fall like this so you can hit the buzzer. You'll take part in the quiz, give your answer and faint.

S: No I’ll hit the buzzer and fall like this. Ok ‘true’.

SRK: for 50,000 the answer is true. Now you're playing for 1 lakh. Choose your subject.

S: class 3 General Knowledge.

SRK: please show the question for 1 lakh.

What word of Eskimo origin refers to a temporary dome shaped shelter made from blocks of snow?

S: Igloo.

SRK: did you hear the question properly? It’s of Eskimo origin. Is igloo an Eskimo origin word? Sure? What if it's wrong?

S: I’ll use save.

SRK: there's no need for that, it's the right answer for 1 lakh. Thank you Anubhav and Bhopal’s most intelligent girl, choose your classmate.

S: Milanjeet.

SRK: Milanjeet is Punjab’s most intelligent boy, and you're of Bhopal’s. let's see if this combination works for 2 lakhs.

S: Class 2 Hindi.

SRK: please show the question for 2 lakhs.

Which of these is a ‘visheshan (adjective)’ – kursi (chair), tamatar (tomato) or thanda (cold)?

SRK: Milanjeet thinks he knows it. Visheshan,…swatantrata,…ganatantra. Your Hindi is great. You have 2 cheats left – Save and copy. Milanjeet his fixed his answer.

S: I think it's tamatar.

SRK: kursi, tamatar, thanda or you'll get beat with a danda (stick). Decide for 2 lakhs. This is a 2 lkah mark so if you answer correctly you get to take home a minimum of 2 lakhs. Then you can go home and say you're among the most intelligent girls of Bhopal.

S: I think Thanda.

SRK: why do you think so?

S: Because tamatar is a noun.

SRK: and a visheshan is not a noun?

S: I'm going with a blank fluke – kursi (chair).

SRK: it's your choice. You thought it was tamatar and thanda too. You have to fix it.

S: Kursi.

SRK: you think furniture is a visheshan?

S: Yes, I think my answer is wrong. Visheshan is that which describes something. Thanda is an adjective.

SRK: now everything is becoming clear. Your definition is right, your answer is wrong. The right answer is of course ‘thanda’. If Milanjeet has also written ‘thanda’ you'll go ahead or you'll get a zero and your game will end here. So let's see what Milanjeet wrote. Let's see if he wrote thanda or not. He wrote thanda.

S: My Hindi is extremely good, that’s why I strategically chose Milanjeet.

SRK: you speak more of English on the radio?

S: No, it's a mix – it's Hinglish.

SRK: I want you to look in that camera and tell everyone to take a short break and come back for KAPPS with me…or you.

S: you're playing KAPPS with Shahrukh Khan. Don’t go away, we’ll be right back.

EP34 – E

Welcome back to KAPPS and with me is 22 year old Sahiba Bawa from Bhopal who’s doing her MBA and has won 2 lakhs. Now we’re moving to the big money, the 2nd half of the section - for 5 lakhs. Choose your subject. You’re only 5 questions away from 1 crore.

S: Class 4 Geography.

SRK: please show the question for 5 lakhs.

Land bordered on 2 sides by water but still connected to the mainland is called what?

S: Peninsula.

SRK: Milanjeet also thinks he knows it. You fixed it very quickly and answered ‘peninsula’. You're very sure of this?

S: I know something at least.

SRK: Sure? Then I won't scare you. For 5 lakhs, peninsula is the right answer. Now you have to play carefully because your cheats are over except for Copy. Milanjeet has to go back too. You have one cheat left – Copy, so choose a classmate for that.

S: Dheirya.

SRK: ok you're playing for 10 lakhs so play carefully. Only 4 questions left for 1 crore. Choose your subject.

S: Class 5 astronomy.

SRK: please show the question for 10 lakhs.

Neptune appears blue in color because of the presence of which gas in its atmosphere?

SRK: name all the gases for me.

S: Oxygen, Nitrogen, if it's frozen water, then it can be blue.

SRK: you could have copied but your partner hasn’t fixed his answer yet. You have 5 lakhs and you can leave with it. Or you can chance it by giving an answer. But then your 5 lakhs can become 2 lakhs if your answer is wrong.

S: Neptune is frozen…

SRK: we’re getting a new Astronomy class. A lot of your suggestions are interesting. Good theories but I don’t know if they are factual or not.

S: It's factual but the gas – I'm not able to recollect. Dheirya!

SRK: I always say my kids know 95% of the answers. The 5% I teach them is what they don’t remember.

S: I don’t have an option, I have to withdraw.

SRK: then say I Sahiba Bawa, am quitting Paanchvi class. I'm being a coward.

S: I Sahiba Bawa, am leaving the class with 5 lakhs.

SRK: the right answer is not water or Helium, it's Methane. No problem is the kids don’t know and you don’t know, you’ve won 5 lakhs. Now comes my best part. Look in that camera and talk like a radio jockey. Sahiba from Bhopal will tell you whether she’s smarter than a 5th grader or not. Say I'm Bhopal’s most intelligent girl but I'm not smarter than a 5th grader.

S: I Sahiba Bawa, Bhopal’s most intelligent girl, University topper, am not smarter than a 5th grader I agree.

SRK: that’s very sporting. Thank you for coming.

So very well played, Sahiba made….ohhhh time for me to leave the class. I don’t feel like going but in these few days left in this class I'm reminded of what I learned in this Paanchvi Pass class.

I learned that kids are very good at heart but also good with money. They are the ones who help us win 5 crores.

Another thing is that whether the question is for 1 crore or 5 crores, there's no question that’s difficult if…IF you know the answer. Otherwise everything's difficult.

Lastly, the most fun is had in taking someone else’s class.

Thank you everyone.


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Translation - Episode 35 palacerani srk.org

EP35 – A

SRK: It's so true that in this small class can be found the whole of Hindustan. This is the entire class of Paanchvi. These kids have come from different cities and from them you have seen Anubhav, Milanjeet, Shriya, Dheirya and Sreeparna regularly. These are the rest and I’ll introduce you to them since this is our penultimate show. This is Markhand – say hello to everyone, this is Dhanish, this is Devansh, this is sweet Taruni. These kids have also been with us from the beginning and have been working as hard everyday and are ready to appear if needed. Today they will sit with us as special guests so please give them a huge welcome.

Just like the kids, we have contestants from different parts of the country, bringing their dreams, to play with us and have won a lot of money according to their abilities.

Today we have from Hanumangadh, Rajasthan a 23 year old software engineer, Tarun Chugh. How do you feel Tarun?

T: Great.

SRK: I saw your video and in it you said that you’ll lose weight before coming here. So have you lost any?

T: I've made one ab, now 6 are left. I have to break it up.

SRK: which is your biggest ab?

T: This whole thing.

SRK: what do you do Tarun?

T: I'm a software engineer. I don’t look it but I am.

SRK: you don’t look like one at all. But here you came first.

T: I came first in a race.

SRK: and in studies too?

T: I was first till 5h grade.

SRK: You were 1st till the 5th grade? We’ll get to know today how good you are. We’ll have fun playing the game. Who's here with you?

T: my two friends are here.

SRK: hello friends, what's your name?

Friends: Maninder Singh Sandhu and Chanchal Singh Sandhu.

SRK: you think he’ll win 5 crores? Is he intelligent?

Friends: he’ll definitely win.

SRK: you’ve set up anything with him – like a 1/3rd share?

Friends: We have a Goa trip coming up.

SRK: Tarun I hope your Goa trip happens. Let me explain the rules….today is our penultimate show so there will be no rollover contestants. So when the time is up you’ll take home whatever you’ve won till then. Let me explain the rest of the rules….
And if for some reason you don’t win 5 crores, you'll have to look in that camera and say I Tarun, am a software engineer, I've always been first in class from 1-5 grades but I'm not smarter than a 5th grader.

T: I’ll definitely say that.

SRK: Ok choose a classmate.

T: Milanjeet.

SRK: both of our Punjab’s sons are with me – Tarun Chugh from Rajasthan and our Milanjeet Patha. Let's see if Tarun Chugh is smarter than a 5th grader or not. Your subjects are in front of you, choose one for 10,000 rupees.

T: Class 2 Animal Kingdom.

SRK: please show the question for 10,000.

Identify this animal, the world’s largest lizard.

SRK: oh that’s a scary looking thing.

T: a little too scary.

SRK: Milanjeet thinks he knows it. You have 3 cheats Tarun – Peek, Copy and Save.
It’s staring you in the face, calling out to you.

T: it should be called go, that’s what it's called in the local language.

SRK: which language is that?

T: It was there in our college.

SRK: in your college? Tell me the name of that college.

T: Shahid Bhagat Singh College of Engineering. There was a jungle on one side. There were lots of these there.

SRK: if you had learnt the name of this, which roams in the jungles of your college,…
T: The guard had called it ‘Go’ but I can't go with that.

SRK: you all must have run from college through the jungle so he must have said – don’t run over there, there's a Go there. We often tell kids – kids, don’t go there, there’s a Boo over there. So he must have said Go instead of Boo. That’s not its name. What do you want to do, you have 3 cheats.

T: I'll have to peek.

SRK: then say I want to peek from Milanjeet, a little kid. Please show Milanjeet’s answer. He wrote Komodo Dragon. What do you want to do? You can either go with what the watchman told you - hopefully the Go won’t make you go – or you can go with what my kid wrote.

T: Ok I’ll go with Milanjeet.

SRK: where else will you go? Komodo Dragon is the right answer. One more thing. Your college must be either in Punjab or Rajasthan.

T: Punjab.

SRK: this Komodo Dragon is found only in Indonesia. This is definitely not outside your college, that must be some other Go Po. Now choose a subject for 20,000.

T: Class 2 English.

SRK: please show the question for 20,000.

What two words complete this sentence often used to teach English typing – the quick brown fox jumps over the…. ….?

SRK: Milanjeet thinks he knows it. The quick brown fox jumps over the…..Komodo Dragon. Listen man, you're a software engineer, you must be typing stuff on the keyboard. All the alphabets are used in this sentence. That’s why it's used to practice typing. The quick brown fox jumps over the?

T: The?

SRK: The? See which letters aren’t’ here.

T: That’s what I'm looking for. But that’ll have its permutations and combinations.

SRK: there are only 26 alphabets. Is A here? I don’t see it. B’s there and so is C. is D there? Where is it? Ok so you need D.
What about G? You need G too. Now try and figure something out yourself. You have ADGHLY…V? V is there in ‘over’. If you’ve heard this sentence you’d know it otherwise it's tough.

T: Copy.

SRK: then say you’ll copy the 2nd answer too from Milanjeet. This means that whatever Milanjeet has written will be yours. If it's right you’ll win, otherwise it's bye-bye. Do you know it?

Friends: Clever dog.

SRK: That’s not this guy. He doesn’t look clever from any angle. Let's see what Milanjeet wrote. He said ‘lazy dog’. Dhanish, what do you think?

Dhanish: I think it's right.

SRK: not clever dog?

Dhanish: No, it's lazy dog.

SRK: lazy dog is the right answer for 20,000.

Mailanjeet: I've helped you twice so I want to make a side deal with you. You have to do 10 situps.

T: I’ll do pushups.

SRK: the 5-pack left will also form easily, c’mon.

T: Do I have to do 10? Can I do 5?

Milanjeet: Do 7.

SRK: Ok 7. That’s how you get abs, son. Lazy dog!

Very good! Tarun is a little tired doing pushups so we’ll rest but you can't rest, I’ll give you a homework question so you can win 1 lakh if you're right. So take a break and Tarun will get his breath back.

EP35 – B

SRK: Welcome back to KAPPS. Here I am doing pushups with Tarun. Tarun, you’ve won 20,000 so choose a classmate.

T: Sreeparna. Sreeparna, best of luck. It’s going to be difficult for me.

SRK: Tarun had already wished luck on Sreeparna – I don’t know anything, so best of luck to you. Choose your question for 50,000. Then we’ll talk.

T: Class 4 Astronomy.

SRK: please show the question for 50,000.

True or false – a black hole does not emit light.

SRK: Sreeparna thinks she knows it.

T: Black hole is that object that is totally opaque and whatever light enters it doesn’t come out.

SRK: they are objects?

T: Maybe not objects, maybe stars…whatever. But the light doesn’t come back out.

SRK: So if I shine some light in your ear, will it come out or not? It's a black hole after all.

T: It won't come out.

SRK: what do you want to do?

T: True.

SRK: you want to fix it?
For 50,000 true is the right answer. Now for 1 lakh.

T: Class 4 Health and Human Body.

SRK: please show the question for 1 lakh.

Which pigment is chiefly responsible for the color of human skin?

SRK: Sreeparna thinks she knows it.
You must have some idea of what gives our skin the color it has?
You have a girlfriend Tarun?

T: No, she left me.

SRK: now don’t think about her, think about the question.

T: Such a simple question and I don’t know it.

SRK: yes it's very simple. You must have seen so many ads for skin care. It's written in all of them. Decide quickly for 1 lakh. You have ‘save’ left, you can give any answer and then we can hope Sreeparna has the right answer.

T: Ok, Save.

SRK: for that you have to give some answer.

T: Go.

SRK: Go? Ok fix it.
Let me 1st point out that ‘Go’ is the wrong answer. The right answer is melanin. Did you know that?

T: Yes I did.

SRK: Now you know and I know, so let’s see if Sreeparna knew it. Let's see what she wrote. You can win 1 lakh if she wrote melanin.

T: Thank you.

Sreeparna: I have one more side deal for you. I saved you so you have to act like a girl.

T: I can't…

SRK: Ok do one thing, announce a break for me like a girl.

T: we’ll take a short break and we’ll meet again after that.

EP35 – C
SRK: Welcome back to KAPPS. With me is Tarun Chugh. You’ve won 1 lakh and all your cheats are over. We have some special guests here – winners of the Middle east Paanchvi Pass contest, from Dubai. Welcome everyone. I hope you're enjoying yourself, thank you for being here and I’ll speak with you again. But first let me ask Tarun his question.

T: My own intelligence.

SRK: so now you're going to depend on no one, just your own brain power.

T: Now no tension about the kids.
Thank you for saving me.

SRK: now you have 6 subjects for 2 lakhs.

T: Class 1 Measurement.

SRK: please show the question for 2 lakhs.

True or false – if 25th February 2004 was a Wednesday then 4th March 2004 was also a Wednesday.

T: 2004 was a leap year. So it had 29 days in February. Then it's false because it falls on a Thursday. But if it's not a leap year it’s true. Now I have to think if it was a leap year or not.

SRK: if your answer is right you get 2 lakhs but if you're wrong you come down to zero or you can take 1 lakh and go home. Is this year a leap year or not?

T: Are you asking or telling me?

SRK: I'm asking you.

T: Is this a leap year or not?

SRK: we’re asking each other the same question.

T: No this is not a leap year. We had 28 days in February, not 29. But I'm not sure.
I don’t want to press that accidentally.

SRK: You’ve been pressing that with all wrong answers so far.

T: True.

SRK: let me show you the kids’ answers first. Please show their answers on the board.
Shriya wrote True, the rest ‘false’. Now what do you think?

T: Can I change my answer?

SRK: how can you do that?

T: Then change the question.

SRK: So I should change the question but you won't change the answer. So I have to find a question where ‘true’ will fit? True is the wrong answer, ‘false’ is the right answer. Thank you so much. Before you go, look in that camera and – you have to say it.

T: I, Tarun Chugh, a software engineer, am not smarter than a 5th grader.

SRK: very well done, God bless you.
Tarun made us laugh a lot and played a very interesting game. Let me also tell you that if you want to make sure of a leap year, divide the year by 4 and if it gets divided, it's a leap year. So if you divide 2004 by 4 you get 501 as the answer. That means it is a leap year.

Now coming to our next contestant, he is 30 years old, from Jhansi, and works for a pharmacy company. Everyone put your hands together for Rinki Sarna. Where are you from Rinki – Jhansi? You still live there or work somewhere else?

R: Born and brought up in Jhansi and I'm still working there.

SRK: what are your hobbies?

R: I like to hear Hindi songs…

SRK: you sing too?

R: I'm a bathroom singer.

SRK: So if we turn on the shower here you’ll sing?

R: I'm ready to sing with you. Just tell me how to sing and I’ll sing. If you want to dance I’ll do that too.

SRK: ok I’ll get you to sing and dance but first choose your classmate, let's start the game.

R: Milanjeet.

SRK: you have to promise that if you don’t win 5 crores you’ll look in that camera and say I, Rinki Sarna, am not smarter than a 5th grader. So are you ready? Fit? Let see how fit he is, if he's smarter than a 5th grader or not.
Choose your subject for 10,000 rupees.

R: Class 3 Indian geography.

SRK: please show the question for 10,000.

Which of the following states extends the farthest East – Tripura, Mizoram or Manipur?

SRK: This is for 10,000 rupees. What do you think?

R: I think it's Manipur.

SRK: let me tell you about your 3 cheats – Peek, Copy and Save. Chgoice is yours, for 10,000 what do you want to do?

R: I’ll Peek.

SRK: You don’t want to use save? If you're wrong he’ll save you.

R: I don’t want to get saved now, I’ll keep it for later. I’ll fix ‘Peek’

SRK: Rinki wants to use his cheat in the first question itself. He wants to Peek from Milanjeet, a little kid. Let's see what he wrote. He wrote Manipur.

R: I think it's right.

SRK: then fix it.
Manipur is the right answer. Choose your subject for 20,000.

R: Class 1 Computers.

SRK: Before we see the question I want to give you all a question too as homework by which you can win 1 lakh. So come back soon and we’ll se if Rinki wins 5 crores or not.

EP35 – D

SRK: Welcome back to KAPPS. With me is Rinki and he had chosen Class 1 Computers for 20,000. Please show the question.

Which of the following description fits a ‘modem’ – communication device, printer device or power supply device?

R: It's A – Communication device.

SRK: Milanjeet has fixed his answer. What do you want to do?

R: I want to fix it.

SRK: sure? Then go ahead.
That’s the right answer for 20,000. Milanjeet has to go back now since he's helped you with 2 answers. By the way, Milanjeet also wrote the right answer. For 50,000 choose a classmate.

R: Dheirya.

SRK: let me remind you Rinki that this is our last contestant episode so there's no rollover allowed. That’s why I’m playing as fast as I can so you can win the maximum amount. Choose your subject.

R: Class 4 general Knowledge.

SRK: please show the question for 50,000.

Which discovery is celebrated on 28th February as National Science Day?

SRK: Dheirya thinks he knows it.
What can it be? If it's any encouragement to you, all these kids have written the right answer.

R: I want to Copy.

SRK: I don’t know if Dheirya has written the right answer or not.

R; I still want to Copy.

SRK: Sure? From Dheirya? You’re cheating a lot from little kids.

R: what to do sir, these little kids are so sweet, they save me.

SRK: I've noticed that people find little kids very adorable after coming on our show.

R: I have little kids too so I find them very cute.

SRK: and not because they help you with the answers?

R: No sir, they do help but they are adorable on their own too.

SRK: ok I’ll agree that you like kids and that’s why you want to Copy from them.

R: I love you too sir.

SRK: but I won't tell you the answer, my friend. Fix that you want to Copy. Let's see what Dheirya wrote. He wrote ‘Raman effect’.

Dheirya: I want to say that if my answer is right I want to make a side deal. You’ll have to do 7 situps, holding your ear.

R: No problem, I’ll do it.

SRK: then get ready to do it because Raman Effect is the right answer.

R: After you sir.

SRK: I’m not doing any, you're doing them. Do it right here.

R: Shall 1 - 7?

Dheirya: Ok, do 5.

SRK: hold your ears.
Let me explain – C.V. Raman revealed the phenomena to the world while working in Kolkata in 1928. He won the Physics Nobel prize in 1930 for his work.
Now 2 of your cheats are over. You're playing for 1 lakh. Choose your subject.

R: Class 3 Indian History.

SRK: please show the question for 1 lakh.

Which Mughal emperor ordered the construction of the Buland Darwaza in Fatehpur Sikri?

R: The answer is Akbar. I fix it.

SRK: both of them have fixed it. You weren’t hasty were you?

R: I've already fixed it, now he's there to help me if needed.

SRK: Actually Dheirya has also written Akbar. And that’s the right answer.
Dheirya has helped with 2 questions, thank you Dheirya, you can get some rest now. You too please take a short rest and come back after a short tiffin break. Rinki has won 1 lakh, now he’s racing towards the 2 lakh place. Actually he’s doing situps and racing.

EP35 – E

SRK: Welcome back to KAPPS. With me is Rinki. You’ve won 1 lakh and you're on the last section. Again, there’s no rollover today so let's choose a classmate quickly.

R: Sreeparna.

SRK: now play carefully. Choose your subject for 2 lakhs.

R: Class 2 Monuments and Places.

SRK: please show the question for 2 lakhs.

What gift from France to the United States now stands in New York harbor?

SRK: Sreeparna thinks she knows it.

R: The Statue Of Liberty stands in that harbor.

SRK: C’mon children, once for Rinki – dum lagake…haisha! Zor lagake…haisha! Go for it now.

R: I go for Statue of Liberty. I’ll fix it.
Don’t look at me like that sir, it scares me.

SRK: you have Save left, why are you scared?

R: Your eyes are deadly. Who knows how many have died. My wife is a great fan of yours.

SRK: what's her name?

R: Rabneet Kaur, but she's called Shalu.

SRK: your family has great choice.

R: Let me tell you there's a movie of yours that I see over and over again.

SRK: which one?


SRK: yeah it's a very sweet film.

R: It's fantastic sir. And today you're dressed like that so please dance on a song – Mehendi lagake.

SRK: if you win 5 or 10 lakhs we will.

R: Otherwise you won’t?

SRK: otherwise too I will. I'm not going to say no when you’ve come from so far.

R: I came with such hopes from Jhansi.

SRK: Then how can I not grant your wish? But your wish to win at least 2 lakhs minimum…maybe you can get a ticket to NY because Statue of Liberty is the right answer.
Very well done. How important is it for you to win 2 or 5 or 10 or 20 lakhs or 5 crores?

R: If I win 5 crores I’ll open my own pharmacy.

SRK: then I won't waste time. Let's go to the 2nd section of the show for 5 lakhs. Choose your subject.

R: Class 2 Hindi.

SRK: please show the question for 5 lakhs.

What is the Fenugreek plant called in Hindi?

R: She’ll save me.

SRK: have you heard the name ‘fenugreek’?

R: No, this is the 1st time I'm hearing it.

SRK: you’ve never heard of it? You’ve never been in the kitchen?

R: I'm a very good cook.

SRK: you're a good cook and you don’t know what this is? I didn’t know you were a good cook otherwise I would have shouted at you. You don’t know fenugreek?
If you don’t know, fix any answer and you can be saved.

R: Dhania (coriander)

SRK: you think it's Dhania? Then fix it and hopefully Sreeparna can save you.

R: Otherwise I have 2 lakhs at least.
I fix Dhania.

SRK: Dhania is the wrong answer. Let's ask the kids. Kids, do you know?

Kids: Methi.

SRK: you think that’s right?

R: They are kids, they know so much more, they are still studying.

SRK: Methi is the right answer. Now if Sreeparna has written that you'll get 5 lakhs. Let's see what she wrote. She wrote Methi.

SRK: now Sreeparna will go back. You have 5 lakhs. Are you happy? Thank you Sreeparna. Now on this happy occasion I want to dance with you.
Thank you so much. Now choose your subject for 10 lakhs. You have no help left.

R: Class I English

SRK: please show the question for 10 lakhs.

According to the nursery rhyme ‘Baa Baa Black sheep’ what does the sheep offer to the master and the dame?

SRK: sing loudly. You have to sing for 10 lakhs.

R; I can remember it.

SRK: sing loudly, it’ll come back.

R: Baa baa black sheep, have you any wool?

SRK: after that?

R: Yes sir, yes sir, 2 bags…

SRK: 2 bags full?

R: 3 bags full.

SRK: 3, 4?...2?

R: 3 bags full. One for my little boy who lives down the lane. Yes sir.

SRK: first say the whole thing.
Nursery rhyme is done, now what's the answer?

R: one bag full – one for my master, one for my dame. One bag full…one bag full of wool.

SRK: Of?

R: Wool.

SRK: ok. You gave me too much tension Rinki. The wool part is right. Now tell me was it one bag, 2 bags or 3?

R: 3 sir.

SRK: sure?

R: yes sir, yes sir, 3 bags full. Now I remember it.

SRK: if you hadn’t remembered the poem, you wouldn’t have 10 lakhs. Now you’ve got 10 lakhs.
Don’t kiss me again man. Wool is the answer guys. Very good, now hug me again.
Thank you so much, I'm so happy you won 10 lakhs. Are you happy with it?

R: Very happy sir.

SRK: what are you going to do with it?

R: I’ll keep some for my daughter for her future, some I’ll use for my enjoyment.

SRK: best wishes for you and your kid’s future.

R: thank you sir, thank you all of you.

SRK: the best part is that you can look in the camera…

R: I’m saved from saying.

SRK: yes you are. Now you can say I'm saved from saying because I'm not a rollover contestant. But say your name so everyone will know it.

R: I Rinki Sarna, for the 1st time in history, am saved from saying that I'm not smarter than a 5th grader.

SRK: very good, god bless you man.

Great fun, I got 2-3 kisses from Rinki and he's taken 10 lakhs home for his daughter’s future. A lot of such dreams have been realized through this show.

Now this class ends here. Tomorrow you'll meet…and she’ll come to study, my close friend Priyanka Chopra and Harman Baweja. So we’ll meet again in this special class. Till then everyone – Kalvida!


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