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Date registered: 11.11.2011
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Hey guys,

Im Feiya, Timo in real life, and im gonna be part of u4 starting today.

Kazansky approached me and asked me if i considered joining u4 after I've been in the unknown artists channel for quite a while. Even though i've not been too active practice game wise, that should change in the near future as i found my lost motivation again... finally.

Some infos about my gaming past. After some Age of Empires back when i was a little younger i played WC3 and was quite active. I quit wc3 after moving and started nerding WoW hardcore. After a few years i realized how stupid it is to still play it, which was around a year ago, lucky me SC2 was released. Playing sc2 since then obviously :P

Atm im 20 years old and hopefully am going to study in Berlin in the near future.

Dunno what else to say, hope we meet each other on teamspeak and get along.

<3 u all >_> ,

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Date registered: 29.04.2007
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...   Created on 11.11.2011 - 23:32Jump to top Quote this post Report this post Edit Delete

Welcome to the unknown artists Feiya!

Neuer Thread ...

There are no birthday children today!


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