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Committee: United Nations Security Council
Topic: Human Security in Timor-Leste
Country: Italy
Delegate: Dan Stratila

Italy´s position on the East-Timor Issue aligns itself to the supporters of stability, development and peace in the region.
The italian foreign policy proved their comittment to help securing instable regions and take over responsibility when necessary. In 1999 during the INTERFET Mission Italy provided generously a 600-strong contingent including 250 paratroopers, two transport aircrafts and one amphibious naval craft.
Of course that was just the beginning of a long process and we are aware that there is much more work to do. It might be work that is not pleasant to finish or might endanger the local politics of a participating nation. Italy had local policy problems during the Iraq war where a 3,000-strong contingent was sent to stabilize the region. In East-Timor of course we have a different situation I just want to emphasize the fact that Italy is an experienced player in the field of international peacebuilding and –keeping.
An important Step towards peace but more important justice is the installation of a court of Justice to put he culprits against human rights between 1999 and 2007 to trial. How will the population of East-Timor Leste and the IDPs experience justice if the crimes which were comitted against them were never taken care off? Italy supports this idea strongly and hopes to develop a solution on this issue during the debates.
Italy will follow through with this foreign policy with a deep and dedicated support within the UN to create a new stable democratic Nation in South-East Asia.

Committee: United Nations Security Council
Topic: Human Security in Timor-Leste
Country: Italy
Delegate: Dan Stratila

Concerning Georgia and the caucasian region Italy won´t put an end to the ambitions it made on the field of human rights and international security.
Italy already supports the UNOMIG financialy and with professional manpower. Due to the lack of communication between the ethnic groups in the region Italy find it necessary to promote intercultural activities in order to prevent further clashes. These problems occur through lack of education. Therefore Italy supports the idea of taking responsibility in the education system through financial aid and content.
Secondly but more important is the peacekeeping mission. Italy believes that the interaction between UN bodies and regional institutions should be consolidated to increase the effectiveness of the missions. It is obvious that local professional can handle specific problems better with the help of the UN and the other way around.

I hope this short insight of the italian position helped you. If you have some questions or interest in a coallition with Italy feel free to contact me in this forum.

By the way; My name is Dan Stratila student at the Faculty of European Studies in Cluj-Napoca, Romania in the 2nd year representing Italy (who are not going to become european champions in soccer) in the Security Council.

Regards, DS

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