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Langsam füllt sich das "Netz der Netze" mit Artikeln etc.
Ein Interview mit den Knaben hab ich aufgetan, das ich einfach hier reinkopiere (mit Quellen-Verweis am Ende), bevor es evtl. im Nirwana entschwindet (die Fotos auf der Seite sind eh schon weg ... hmpf ...):

Written by Geert Van Mook on Tuesday 18 January, 2005. Last updated on Tuesday 30 November, 1999

Coming from the central-south of Chile, this band surprised me with one of the best albums ever made. Emotions, Melancholy in its purest form created by two individuals who succeeded in letting me feel inner emotions and feelings I never felt before. Since the first day I heard there album 'Sounds of Pain'? I'm addicted to it, seldom an album made so much impact on me as this one did. The loneliness of Uarals music is surrounded by an unique beauty of desperateness and hope embracing each other. I felt very honoured when both members, Aciago and Caudal agreed with doing an interview with me, they answered it in their own style full of poetry. Listen their music and understand its wisdom.

Can you please introduce Uaral.
Uaral is the logical consequence of the need of musical expression, shaped from personal and familiar experiences, and our Chilean country-field.

About a half year ago I heard your debut album 'Sounds of Pain' for the first time. Immediately I was totally into it. The music on this album is just amazing, long acoustic parts with lots of traditional Chilean folk elements mixed with doom metal. All played in a very convincing way. Did it take a long time to write and record the 8 songs on this album?
Uaral remained slept for a long time, since our childhood, only amending the day we met face to face, staring at the field, the guitar and our sorrow. To immortalize it required trust, but at the end, time made us grow up young, at that moment 'Sounds Of Pain' gave us life....

All songs on 'Sounds of Pain' sounds like they come direct from your heart and soul. It?'s played and sang with so much emotion, it must have been very intensive for you guys to record this music, wasn?t it?
It was one of the most intense moments of our lives, were we gave our souls, and were we sadly smiling looked how time was running out and Uaral didn't satiate its hunger for rage and pain.

What does the name Uaral means? And what does this mean to you?
Once, when we were kids, and lost on a hill, under the disconsolate cry of the rain and the thrilling singing of the Queltehue, we went down to an apple-tree field and found a shortcut through an acacio. There was an old man with a baroque guitar, with his name tattooed on it. That name was Uaral. Our blood was reflected in his vein, he was older than time, he was a farmer, a worker of the fields, old, wise, a world traveller. In his voice there was a lonely breath shining on. The moments we spent with he taught us the reasons why. For a long time we spoke, we unloaded our hopelessness for an unknown destiny. Touched by the honesty of our cry, he told us 'I see in both of you the mirror of my childhood'. There started a relationship full of emotions and learning, were Uaral told us his stories of life and death, stories of solitude and hope, of resignation and perseverance. He showed us the gentle face of our evicted and offended country-field on his guitar and in his songs. We saw how introverted feelings were moulded in our personalities, which became identified with his poems and music. Since then we started to wander into paths of desolation and madness. With time, we added the anger of the pain, the melancholy of the cry. And one day, without even notice, the feeling of our land and the need of relief in the loneliness of the hill made Aciago play with the hands of Uaral all the harmonies of an evicted farmer and ordered Caudal take care of the vocal expression of fury and cry that Uaral lived through his ancestry. That day, Uaral showed us the pain made family... the pain made music. All our expressions are his feelings, and our feelings are the reflection of the mature desolation that Uaral carried and expressed, that's the reason why the strings have an old sounding, Uaral is playing it, his tears are immortal... for us Uaral is the life.

Uaral is a band of only 2 persons, Aciago (responsible for all music) and Caudal (responsible for the vocals). I think you guys must be soul mates/ best friends of each other, to create such an intense and emotional music together, is this correct?
We wandered a long time carrying the grief and pain of solitude on our shoulders. The day of the shortcut through the acacio, Uaral showed us that relief was in the family... and that was music.

On most parts on the album we only hear a acoustic guitar, yet it?s full of melancholy and emotions, in a way that gives me gooseflesh all over, even after hearing your music a thousand times, I can?t get enough of it. Especially during these acoustic guitar parts the music of Uaral is on it?s best. It?s very difficult to create with so less instruments such an amazing result.
Once pain became family it was born and raised up, no one knew where it came from. It is just the reflection of a dying Chile.

In the beginning of the song 'La Vaga Esperanza del ser' there's a lady who's singing a little song. You (Caudal) told me that lady is your grandmother. What kind of song is she singing, is it a traditional song?
We can't answer that question, it belongs to our grandmother, she will answer it:
Grandma Eliana: The song is called 'Caminito Chileno' (Chilean little road), I'm singing this song since I was 15, I sang it on the 'Radio Condell', a very old radio station from Curico that doesn?t exist anymore. In my house I used to sing with my husband Alfredo, because it brought us a lot of memories of our youth. That's why I sang this song, for the memories. It was a very popular song those years in the country. It's about a person who is going on the search for a loved one on a road, a love that is never found. When I saw my grandkids playing I remembered those times with my old man, who is no longer with us... he loved to sing; ?Let's sing Eliana? he used to tell me...

Questions for Aciago.

You're playing all the instruments on the album; which are (when I hear it correctly) acoustic guitar, bass guitar, electric guitar, drums, piano, keyboard and flute. All is played in a very skilful way. How did you learn playing all those instruments?
I remember the day when I first looked at my father's Epitaph guitar, with the eyes of an abandoned and sad kid. Between tears and silence I opened the empty, yet filled with his loneliness, room. I?ve found a coffin and opened with my sight, looked at its writings and wondered: Why can?t I find out about his art and bitterness? So I went deeper into his being... the very first thing I saw was the music, checking out his notes I found my heritage, the cry of a guitar, guitar stained with a loneliness which buried him down. Daylight reminded me about my and his sadness every moment, which still makes me company. Since that day the string are running into my veins, and with its wonderful resonance that burns inside of me with soft whips... thanks to the heritage, the way to represent Uaral was born.

I guess you are practicing all instruments, especially the guitar, a lot each day, is this correctly?
Days and night next to her, oh! My guitar 'Maria Elena', she is used not to smile since the very first day she met me. She reminds me to Uaral at every moment, at every arpeggio, at every melody, it's born so sincerely from her that sometimes I can express what she recites me, however , she understands me more than anyone and teaches me to live and feel the pain. Her singing-mates follow her wherever she goes.

What is for you the main source of inspiration during the writing process of a new song?
My eternal pain with the company of my family and the land. I just close my eyes and listen to the guitar, she feels much more than I do.

What's your favourite Uaral song, and why?
Every tree loves its branches equally, but if one of them breaks , then there are coming hundreds of axe-strikes from the Huaso trying to cut down the trunk

Questions for Caudal.

You're responsible for all vocals on the album. During the song we can hear you screaming, grunting, singing with a clean voice, speaking, whispering and even crying. Is it hard for you to translate your inner emotions into a special kind of singing?
The mountain-chain of emotions inside my chest hibernated for many years, I always thought that sooner or later these emotions will take me to death, but that day in the shortcut of the Aciago, Uaral listened to my lamentations, I expressed my sincerity, my fears, my resignation, my anger, my loneliness. The difficulty was not an obstacle, I was born for that

Are you also responsible for all lyrics on the album, actually it aren't lyrics, it are poems. What?s for you the main source of inspiration during the writing process of a new poem?
All the poetry of Uaral is mutual and the ancient taste of its feelings. Feelings are the shelter of our essence. When my eyelids fall, I enter deep inside of myself, this is the place where I will find the precious solitude and calm that sometimes run away because of my cry... then I can see clearly with eyes of my soul. I'm getting old, trying to calm down the brutal anger for relief, that tortures me everyday. And then, when I open my eyes, surrendered by the light, my book dressed up with mourning and teaches me to write with perfect words about the pain....

Some poems are in the Spanish Language, others in English. Is it harder for you to translate your emotions to English words than translate it into Spanish words (which is your native language)?
Is not a problem to me, English makes it more understandable for the universe of dialect. In the need to explore new horizons, there was no time for pride.

You told me that during the recordings of the album you where in a very bad period of your life, some very heart rending things happened in your private life. Did those thing also helped you by creating such an emotional, yet beautiful album?
The chronically depression that I carry because of the legacy of my losses, gives my feeling a beautiful and bitter touch. Sometimes as drops of hope, but always with storms of suffering. In loneliness I tried for years to handle the wounds of my soul. But when the country-land and my blood showed me their melodies, I spread as slopes the desperate melancholy of my feelings, and when the sounds took shape... the pain understood my cry... the land receives my seeds.... and my tears waters the cultivated field. When the sound translate its pale and decadent brightness, Uaral transforms my expressions in a Caudal of emotions....

Questions for both of you.

Since the beginning of Uaral in 1996 you've released 2 demos. Are there lots of musical differences between those 2 demos and the Sound of Pain album?
Just the sound

Although there are some doom metal parts on a few songs, I think Uaral isn't a metal band. How do you see this, do you see Uaral as a metal band, as a folk band, or as what? And why?
Within ourselves there's a lot of music, every music represents a feeling. Without noticing we took the best music styles, the best country-tool, the warmer callana that satiated my wine of toasted flour. We picked up the sincerity of the beautiful people we know since we were kids... here's the name of our style 'Agonic Doom Metal Campesino'

Both of you are coming from the southern part of Chile, where traditional music is still quite popular. Was it important to add influences of traditional music into the music of Uaral?
Actually , from the centre-south part of Chile, in the mountain-chains zone of Curico.
Including traditional music was something natural, it is impossible not to express ourselves this way, we were born and raise next to the Cueca, the Paya, The Rayuela and the Piden getting lost in the Canal spreading its hate and bitterness in a sad song. Uaral digged down the land, in the farmer surrendered to his Azadon, that Azadon that tear his hand apart, as the sun tattoos the wounds of time on his back... Uaral belongs to the land as we said before... No!, the land belongs to Uaral!

Are you guys listen a lot to traditional music yourself?
When we were kids we smiled with it, it taught us to dream, to work in the fields with joy, it taught us to help the grandpa to earn the bread with the sunset. It is beautiful to go out at night and find yourself with the Rayuela and its singers, they give us their wisdom and wine, and with their humble smile they make rimes to the life, making laugh to all the personages in the game, and with their arms raised high scream 'VIVA CHILE MIERDA', and they finish the wine from their cups.
There are many singers who thought like we do, they rescue many times the happiness of our folklore, but in their chests is the knowledge that life in the country is a very bitter drink, as the heat of the fire surrender to the dying ashes and sorrow....

On your website I found this sentence: 'The Most Horrible way of representing Beauty', I think this is the best summary of the music Uaral creates. It really tells what to expect while listening your album. Do you agree with this?
Completely... Cheers!

What does the 'Potrero Grande' river means to you guys? Is it important in your life?
There are no words to explain what Potrero Grande did for Uaral. Since we were kids, along with our cousin Kunny (who now rest in peace) and Marco (who is now filling up our cups of wine), took baths into its hope and purity, both coming from the Buitreras passing trough the Yacal... The river always laughed when we approach drunk to its border to fade our faces in its waters

You're both from Chile, do you think you where able to create the same music as you make now, when you both where born in a complete different place on earth?

Since some months you do have a website online. The site looks beautiful. Do you think it's important to have a website?
Uaral deserves it, the website is a mirror where we are pleased to watch our faces.

Is Uaral also playing live shows? I can imagine your music will be very beautiful and intense at a lonely/cold night with only vocals and an acoustic guitar in front of a fire at the river side with silhouettes of mountains on the background.
The only direct musical contact with other people is with our family and closer friends.

Will Uaral always be you guys, Aciago and Caudal, or would it be possible that someone else will join you guys in the future?
Certainly nobody, yet we are aware that there are great musicians around, but they haven't lived nor felt our realities, we carry the same blood in our veins, and that day of the shortcut in the acacio sentenced the future of Aciago and Caudal in a perfect complement, for the eternity...

The last words are for you guys.
Your questions forced us to be honest. Honesty took us where we are, honesty will take us where we want to be. Uaral stops the flow of words...

I'd like to thank Fernando Guillermo for translating the interview from Spanish into English.

Quelle: http://www.archaic-magazine.com/article.php?aid=38896

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