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...   Created on 12.07.2004 - 00:47Jump to top Quote this post Report this post Edit Delete

first of hi all im new here and hi pete, i use ePSXeCutor alot and ive around 147 configurations in it, ive got it separated into groups 1 for eack leter of the alphabet so i can just skip to the b group if i wanna find blood omen etc this is were the first problem is theres only enough room to put 21 groups then it goes of the screen and theres no scroll down arrow so maybe adding that would be possible and is there a way of adding in so when ur in list view u can click were it says game and it will line them up alphabetically with the amount of configs ive got this feature would be very very usefull, and im sure others would find it usefull 2



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...   Created on 18.07.2004 - 18:21Jump to top Quote this post Report this post Edit Delete

Ah, there is already a scrollbar in the group window, but you are right, it's usually hidden:

only if you turn off the "Config info", the "Status Bar" and the "Toolbar" windows (can all be done in the "View" menu), the group scrollbar will become visible, tsts...

since I've never used that many groups myself, I missed this issue. I have put it on my todo list

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