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Planning to start a juice clean soon and am looking for good juicer. What do you guys thing about this juicer? Looking for a juicer that is mid-range price and good for leafy greens.

That's what I found on this website: https://juicerreviewsplus.com/best-masticating-juicers/

Probably you think that you don’t need a brand new juicer but almost everyone is crazy about the cold pressed juicers this year. A cold press juicer is not just a trendy thing to look at, but a machine that meets all your needs for fresh and nutritional juices. And as we all know how hard it is to pick the right one (not the man, ladies), we decided to prepare a list containing 10 of the best masticating juicers (also known as a cold press juicer) and review all of their advantages and flaws.

Perhaps you will be more convenient and will figure it out if only you get the most precise and experienced advice. With a clear idea of what exactly you need, how are you going to use the masticating juicer and which one is the best slow juicer, the whole process becomes a lot easier.

As you may know, Omega is strongly respected brand in the juicing market. If you only take a look at all the positive Amazon reviews, you will understand why this juicer has really big chance to outperform all others.

Omega j8006 is able to extract the whole amount of nutrients, vitamins and juice from minimum amounts of fruits, veggies, leafy greens and wheatgrass as well.

Working only at 80 RPM, Omega j8006 retains successfully all the healthy enzymes and nutrients which otherwise get lost. Also, minimum level of oxidation will take place with this slow masticating juicer.

Impressive juicing machine really! What power and plenty of features are in your hands with Omega j8006 – you could only experience yourself.

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