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Having for a very long time hoped to have the opportunity to see Esther performing live, I was delighted when I found out that she would be appearing in Lahr in the Black Forest, close to where I live in France, and I managed to get front row seats as soon as they went on sale.
Last night was the concert itself and Esther didn't disappoint. Her voice was as rich and strong as ever as she sang to a very appreciative audience.

The concert began with Every Night, followed by a mixture of songs mainly in English and Hebrew, but also including Pavane in French and Adio Querida in Ladino. Esther left the stage for a short interlude while her three excellent accompanying musicians played two numbers, one instrumental and one vocal. The official end of the set was "Mad about the Boy", but the audience demanded more and was rewarded with three encores: Morning of My Life, Frank Mills and Guten Abend, Gut' Nacht in German, Hebrew and English.

Having listened for many long hours to Esther's voice in the 70s, it was something very special for me to be there and see her singing on stage.

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