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Date registered: 25.11.2009
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Hi Pete, not sure if you still work on epsxecutor but i have some input

Im currently adding all my games into ePSXeCutor and got round to using the bmp file option for each game, how ever in the current state its somewhat useless would it be possible to make the vies slightly different, so you have:

--list view
--small icon
--medium icon
--large icon

The 2 new views i feel would bring alot to the front end, heres a screenshot of how mine currently looks:

Thats with he view set the icons, which is the largest it currently goes to, the bmps are barley visible there to small to see properly so end up as just a black blur and a missed opportunity. I they could be made twice the size it would look alot nicer and users can spot there game just of the front cover then!

Were you have the save state bitmaps bar (or jpg's as there more common) having some screenshots of the games would be nice, much more useful the savestate shots as theres separate memory car managers for that.

3) Cross compatibility with PCSX2 etc, as ps2 emulation uses the same basic plugins mechanics as psx emulation, it would be possible to make this work for both psx and ps2. (adding the option to chose what emulator is used in the game config dialogs etc)

4) As pc's are now more powerfull then back in 06 and with vista and win7 now out a overall GUI update? I noticed when for example the pcsx2 team swapped to wxWidgets there GUI went up a few gears from good to really really nice and smooth looking, perhaps using the same engine in this?

5) If nothing else make this open source, so with any luck some devs can take what you've done and run with it, as there is no other psx frontend that comes close to this and non at all made for ps2.

Best regards, Dave

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