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Date registered: 22.06.2004
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...   Created on 22.06.2004 - 19:11Jump to top Quote this post Report this post Edit Delete

I've been trying to get Legend of Legaia.bin and Star Ocean 2 - The Second Story.img to load in ePSXe through ePSXecuter to no avail. I keep getting a paramater error because of the command string. My command string for Legend of Legaia looks like this:

-loadbin d:\Legend of Legaia\Legend of Legaia.bin

I've also tried using -auto/-cdtiming -legaia/and -legaia in my command line string to no avail.

ePSXe loads the game but I then hear the error message after 3-5 secs and then ePSXe closes out. What is the correct Command Line String to load Legend of Legaia.bin?

I also can't seem to get Star Ocean 2 - The Second Story.img to load through ePSXecuter either. My command string for SO2 looks like this:

-loadbin d:\Star Ocean 2 - The Second Story\Star Ocean 2 - The Second Story.img

ePSXe won't even load. What is the correct Command Line String to load Star Ocean 2 - The Second Story.img? Is there a special command to load .img's?

ePSXe loads both games by itself without any problems. I'm at a complete loss as to what to do, especially when I'm using the same plugins and configs that I use in ePSXe. Could somebody respond with some help with this issue?




Date registered: 04.10.2003
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...   Created on 04.07.2004 - 19:30Jump to top Quote this post Report this post Edit Delete

well, it seems you are not very familar with command line arguments.

Some easy rules: avoid spaces in pathes and filenames. Nevertheless, if you want to use space characters, you have to use quotation marks in the command line (like "That is a cool game.bin" ).
And always specify the full drive\path\filename, not "d:something.bin", but "d:\games\something\something.bin".

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