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Date registered: 21.02.2007
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...   Created on 08.03.2009 - 13:12Jump to top Quote this post Report this post Edit Delete

Since a lot of websites already found out about this project, I guess I have to write something about it at least at my forum...

I am trying to bring my cyberpunk ambitions to a certain point and came up with a story, that might be interesting for those players, who would like to play something really hard. I thing this is going to be the hardest game, that I am ever going to develop (besides maybe one exception that I still keep a secret).

To make something clear at this point:
There will be some funny games in the future.
I have a lot of humour and I still am interested in funny stories. But it is just a period of my game making, where I would like to try something serious,
so I hope it's ok with all of you...

Download a first Demo of the game

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Date registered: 18.05.2011
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...   Created on 08.06.2011 - 05:17Jump to top Quote this post Report this post Edit Delete

At the time that I made this post, the link to download the demo of this game does not work. It sends me to your old AGS account name "le-woltaire", as your current name on AGS is "Jospin Le Woltaire".

This is the link to the game's page in the AGS Archives. … water.html

Anyone who has an error message about playing the videos may be able to simply click past that error message, the game should still play.

Voice acting comes in fine, and the accents are a good part of the game.

No bugs found.

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