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Someone could explain how drift alignment works?



Matthias_Garzarolli ...


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Hello Thierry,
this feature is brand new. Up to now there is no tutorial for this feature.
I hope that someone is writing a short description soon.

Best regards,



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Since no one actually answered...

Before you start with the procedure, it is highly recommended that you use your polar scope first to get within 10 arc minutes of the north pole.

1. You need check that you have the correct focal length info entered in the setup.
2. Run the calibration routine, so Guidemaster knows the camera orientation.
3. Find a star that is at 0 degrees declination and at your local meridian.
4. In the drift alignemnt menu, select alt-azimut and select the correct hemisphere. In the star hight enter it's altitude on the sky.
5. Start the procedure.
6. Give it a few minutes stabilize (I usually give it 5-10min)
7. Click on finish and it will draw a blue circle and a line. Now use azimuth knobs on your mount to move the star where the line and the dotted circle meet.
8. That's it...for azimuth

For Altitude
1. Move the scope in RA (DEC is already at 0) till you find a start that is about 20 degrees above eastern or western horizon. Why 20? To minimize the effects of refraction and bad seeing.
2. Now choose altitude in drift alignment menu and select east or west depending where your star is.
3. Select the star and start the procedure.
4. After a few minutes click on finish and again it will draw a circle and a line.
5. Using your mount's altitude screws, move the star where the dotted circle and the line cross.
6. Finished

Of course if it's still bad, you can run more iterations.

It works for me every time and it's a great feature.




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I readed te explanation about the drift alignment, from my point of view is a important procedure when I'm observing from the balcony of my flat in Turin when the polaris isn't visible.
So, do you have particular suggestion ?


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