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Eine wunderbare Geschichte aus der Reihe um Detective Furbles. Der Chinchilla Detektiv, dem nichts entgeht!

Viel Spaß!

The Jail-Breaking Chin

I opened the letter and wondered who had sent it; there was no return address on the envelope. Inside was a single piece of paper, which I read aloud: "Warning! Chin escaped from jail in Germany. Goes by the alias of Ginger and is armed with healthy orange teeth equipped for chewing! All owners of antique furniture stay on alert!"

I tacked the warning poster on the bulletin board by the phone and grabbed my hat. This was definitely a case for Detective Chin and his faithful furry sidekick Furbles.

We went to the airport hoping to hop on a plane right away and head on over. Unfortunately the airline staff had other ideas. After a lengthy argument over whether my chin could have the seat next to me, they finally let us board. Geez, they let us on so nicely the last time! Most surprising of all, Furbles was not the only chin on board this plane. There was already another one...a very mysterious and beautiful chinchilla with a missing ear. Furbles eyed her with interest, but this was no time for romance! There was a jailbreaking chin to catch!

We arrived in Germany 16 long hours later. In that time Furbles managed to chew a hole in the seat, another in the pull-down table tray, spill his apple juice all over everything, and completely charm the stewardess so that she didn't mind a bit. Thank goodness for that! We rented a car and set out to look for clues.

At the jail where Ginger had been held, we found a bit of map. On it we could see the Northern tip of the town where Marc-Andre lived. Hmm, perhaps Ginger was looking to return home? We also found a chewed up door (how silly of the jailers to put a chinchilla in a cell with a wooden door!) and the Chinchilla Calling Card...lots of little turds. We knew we were on the right track. As we were leaving the jail, we caught a glimpse of the one-eared chinchilla again. I was beginning to get suspicious, but decided to not worry about it for the time being.

We drove over to Marc-Andre's house and rang the doorbell. We were greeted by a very nervous Pearl who let us in while carefully glancing around to make sure no one else was watching.

We asked her if she knew where Ginger was and she confessed that yes, she did...but she wouldn't tell us until we promised to not separate the two again.

"Ginger didn't do anything wrong! It's a trick! She was framed!"

We were taken aback. If this were true...then that poor chinchilla had been jailed without crime! We thought back to the great murder mystery of May...the chinchilla accused of chewing a rat to death. I shuddered at the thought. Such a gruesome, horrible crime!

At that moment there was a solid knock on the door. We all jumped a bit, then breathed. How silly, it was probably just one of Marc-Andre's friends. We opened the door...and there she was in all her mysterious beauty, the one-eared chin! We all stared a little, and she gracefully walked into the room, dragging a very sorry looking degu behind her.

"I believe Freeda has something to tell you."

The degu hung her head and confessed "I was the one who killed the rat. But it was self defense! He was trying to kill ME!"

Pearl glared angrily. "So why didn't you say anything while Ginger was on trial? You let an innocent chin go to jail!"

"I'm sorry, but I was too afraid! I'll go now though. I'll tell them what happened, even if I have to go to jail myself. I'm so sorry I put you through all this."

Freeda was taken to the police station where she could give a statement about the murder. Ginger was cleared, and Freeda was not charged because it had been self defense. She was, however, required to spend the same amount of time in jail that Ginger had, to teach her not to hide the truth.

Furbles and I went out for lunch with the mysterious one-eared chin, whose name was Pricilla. It turned out she was a member of the CIA (Chinchilla Intelligence Agency) and had been working on this case for several weeks. She had sent us the warning poster in hopes that we would be able to track down Ginger so the she would know that she no longer had to hide.

Furbles was disappointed that Pricilla lived so far away and that she couldn't be his new girlfriend, but he quickly got over it and the two became good friends, promising to write to each other every now and then and visit when they could.

We were happy to have helped with locating Ginger, but tired from a long day's work. We returned home to Canada and both took a nice, long nap so as to be ready for the next adventure of Detective Chin and his faithful furry sidekick Furbles.

Copyright © Theresa Erickson

Mehr von Theresa Erickson hier auf dem CI-Forum in Bücher, Kunst, Film, etc. -> STARSHIP CHINTERPRISE. Review by Rocher Chinbert.


Chikouko Mikimoto, literary critic for the CHIN CITTÀ TIMES

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