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Chapter 5
Riddles to be solved[

Strange. Tiredly Sean McKnight wiped the end of his sleeve over his forehead and got up onto his knees. He had spent the last two hours on the ground of the time machine with his tools around him trying to find out what had caused the malfuntion. He still had no clear picture of what had happened, but he was sure that something was not normal about the whole thing. The time scan port seemed to be down. Sam had first looked at it and noticed with a frown that it had been pushed to its limit. The port which blinked at him presented him the absoulutely weird number – 99.999.999. The date measure had not worked at all but had remained black; all those crazy instruments pretended to tell him was that the time machine had done a jump of 99.999.999 into the past or even further into a time that was so far away from present that the port didn´t get it... which was impossible.

The guards had not been accessable since they had returned and they had been taken to the nearby hospital at once. Whatever they had seen, they were under a shock and could therefore not give Sean the information he desirde to solve this wicked little problem.
His head swam. It was high time to finish work for today, Sean thought, although he knew that he would not find any sleep if he drove home right now. Too much had happened- too much was still swirling through hus head..things that he could not simply push aside.

He was confused. It could not have been a time travel. Sean, as much as he enjoyed science fiction movies from time to time or a fantasy novel, still referred to himself as a person who had both feet on good ground. But a griffin? The fact that these men had brought a mythical beast with them could only mean that they had not experienced a time travel, but that they had traveled to another dimension or world instead, however this could have happened. He had not examined the animal any closer, because it had been taken to a seperated room and locked there, but he had been able to look at it shortly and this had strengthened his first impression. This animal seemed to be a crossbreed from an eagle and a lion. According to its anatomy it surely would not be able to fly. The skelletons of birds were hollow and this was the only explanation why these animals were able to lift themselves from the ground. But the griffin´s body was a body of a cat of prey- a massive body with strong muscles. His mind refused to understand that this animal shoudl be able to fly. At least not in this kind of world...maybe with magic...

Sean rolled his eyes. It really was high time to put his tools aside, he already began to think about all this nonsense. Magic! Maybe this griffin was just a kind of result or side effect of the time travel. This animal was a crossbreed, a chimaera, maybe it! Nonsense! Angrily he threw his screw driver aside and got up. When he looked around he noticed that the hall was empty (apart from the two guards on the other end). Typically Warrent he thought and felt new anger rise inside him. He did all the work and Warrent went home!

One last time Sean wiped the sweat from his forehead than he collected his tools. On his way to the office- the very same office from which he had witnessed the time jump this morning – he gave a short nod to the guards to tell them he planned to leave in a few minutes. A few minutes but not yet- No matter how weird this whole story seemed to him and no matter how angry he felt because of Warrent, he would not leave this laboratory ere he had had a closer look at the griffin!

With wuick steps he paced the office and opened a door that led into another smaller room. Normally this room was empty but this had been changed. After the men had come back, Sean had observed that the griffin had been taken here and when he switched on the light he realized that the animal was awake again. The men had build up a cage with roughly the size of 5 or 6 square metres which was obviously much too small for the creature, but its bars were massive and obviously Warrent didn´t think it was necessary to look after the animal during the night. Obviously he thought this creature would not cause any trouble and concerning secrecy Sean knew that he needn´t care. Whatever was done or seen in this laboratory didn´t leave its walls. This project would exist if it were any different.

When he switched the button and the neon lamps on the ceiling woke to life with a flicker he saw that the griffin was sitting upright in his little prison. He had rested the smooth body on his hind legs which made him look like a sitting dog – a very big dog, Sean corrected himself with a wee smile. The massive wings which surely had the span of about 3 metres were folded on the animals back, the storm grey eagle head and the black and glowing eyes were facing Sean.

Slowly the young man stepped closere, nearly fearing the griffin would bolt in fear if he did an unexpected move. But the animal before him didn´t even wince and only its intelligent eyes told Sean that the griffin followed his every step.

When he had come close to the cage Sean knelt down to bring himself on eye level with the griffin. He had to admit he had never seen such an amazing and beautiful creature before, no matter how bizarre it had appeared to him at first sight. The furr had a healthy look and Sean believed to see the muskes play underneath. The yellow bent beak was smooth and unstayned and this made him wonder. If this animal had been caught somewhere in the Something told Sean that this animal had been cared humans? This was another point that supported his thought that the men had not made a journey into the past but into another dimension. At the time the time control had shown to him (if it had really been working after all) there had been no human beings on this planet yet!

“What are you?” he said but rather to himself than to the griffin and the animal still watched him. Sean had expected the griffin to jump against the bars, to hiss at him or to spread his wings dangerously, at least he had expected that the animyl would feverishly try to brake free. All this had to seem strange to the animal and evoke its natural flight instincts. But there was no anger in the creature´s black eyes nor was there fear. Never before had Sean seen an expression like this in the eyes of an animal. He didn´t even know how to judge it first... he did not know what it was that he read in this animal´s eyes. The gaze was intense but somehow it implied a softness and wittyness that surpassed the mind of a normal beast. Was there a waking conscious in these eyes?

Was there knowledge? Again he felt his point proven. No animal of this world would have been able to look at him like this. An icy cold chill ran down Sean´s spine, because for some absurd reason the gaze of the griffin scared him. What he read in those eyes, whether this was reasonable or not, let him know without any doubt that this animal was more aware of the world around him than an animal shoudl be. There was no wrath, no fear and no despair in this gaze, just a silent reproach: Why?

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