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...   Erstellt am 23.03.2010 - 12:58Zum Seitenanfang Beitrag zitieren Beitrag melden 

1349 "Demonoir" 26.04.2010
Accept Frühjahr 2010
Accuser "Agitation" 28.05.2010
Aeon "Path Of Fire" 2010
Agua De Annique Winter 2010
Alcest "Ècailles De Lune" 26.03.2010
Allegaeon Sommer 2010
All Ends Frühjahr 2010
Altöl "Altöl" 01.04.2010
Amaranthe "Leave Everything Behind" (EP) 2010
Amorphis "Forging The Land Of Thousand Lakes" (DVD) Anfang Juni 2010
Anathema "We're Here Because We're Here" 11.06.2010
Angel Dust Herbst 2010
Angelus Apatrida "Clockwork" Frühjahr 2010
Angizia "Kokon" Frühjahr 2010
Angra 2010
Annihilator "Annihilator" 17.05.2010
Anoxia "A Lapdance For The Devil" Mai/Juni 2010
Anthrax "Worship Music" Frühjahr 2010
Apocalyptica "7th Symphony" Sommer 2010
Arma Gathas "Dead To This World" 23.04.2010
Asia "Omega" 23.04.2010
As I Lay Dying "The Powerless Rise" Sommer/Herbst 2010
Astral Winter "Winter Enthroned" Anfang 2010
Atlantean Kodex "The Golden Bough" September 2010
Avantasia "Angel Of Babylon" & "The Wicked Symphony" 03.04.2010
Avatar "Avatar" 26.03.2010
Axel Rudi Pell "The Crest" 23.04.2010
Axenstar Herbst 2010
Basanos "Instincts" Frühjahr 2010
Biohazard 2010
Bison B.C. "Dark Ages" 13.04.2010
Black Label Society Sommer 2010
Black Sun Aeon "Routa" 31.03.2010
Bleed From Within "Empire" 10.05.2010
Bleeding Through "Bleeding Through" Frühjahr 2010
Blind Guardian April 2010
Bonded By Blood Frühjahr 2010
Brain Drill "Quantum Catastrophe" 11.05.2010
Brutal Godz "Echoes Of The Dead" Herbst 2010
Bullet For My Valentine "Fever" 26.04.2010
Byfrost "Black Earth" Frühjahr 2010
Callejon "Videodrom" 03.04.2010
Cancer Bats "Bears, Mayors, Scraps and Bones" 23.04.2010
Cannon Ende 2010
Cathedral "The Guessing Game" 26.03.2010
Chain Reaction "Cutthroat Melodies" Anfang 2010
Chris Laney "Only Come Out A Night" 23.04.2010
Circus Maximus Ende 2010
Coheed And Cambria "Year Of The Black Rainbow" 13.04.2010
Conduit "Fear For Those Who Missed It" 19.04.2010
Crashdiet "Generation Wild" 16.04.2010
Crystal Tears "Generation X" 18.06.2010
Cynic "Re-Traced" (EP) 17.05.2010
Danko Jones "Below The Belt" 14.05.2010
Danny Vaughn "Reprise" 05.04.2010
Danzig "Deth Red Sabaoth" Frühjahr 2010
Darkthrone "Circle The Wagons" 05.04.2010
Dawn Of Ashes "Genocide Chapters" Frühling/Sommer 2010
Daylight Misery "Depressive Icons" Frühjahr 2010
Dead Alone "Vitium" 2010
Dead Beyond Buried "Inheritors Of Hell" 05.04.2010
Defeated Sanity "Chapters Of Repugnance" 04.05.2010
Deftones "Diamond Eyes" 18.05.2010
Deliverance "The Annals Of Subterfuge" 2010
Destrage Sommer 2010
Devil's Train Ende Sommer/Herbst 2010
Dew-Scented "Invocation" Mai 2010
Diabolic "Excisions of Exorcisms" 20.04.2010
Diabulus In Musica "Secrets" 21.05.2010
Disbelief "Heal!" 23.04.2010
Divension 2010
Divided Multitude "Guardian Angel" 26.03.2010
Divided We Drown "Through Agony and Despair" (EP) 10.04.2010
Dokken "Greatest Hits 2" 2010
Donots "The Long Way Home" 26.03.2010
Dordeduh 2010
Downspirit "Point of Origin" Anfang 2010
Dreyelands "Rooms Of Revelation" 2010
Drive, She Said "Dreams Will Come" 21.05.2010
Drowning Pool "Drowning Pool" April 2010
Dwellers Of The Twilight "Sycophant" Anfang 2010
Edenbridge "Solitaire" 2010
Einherjer 2010
Elvenking September 2010
Embassy Of Silence "Euphorialight" Anfang 2010
Emerald (CH) Ende 2010
Emergency Gate "The Nemesis Construct" 30.04.2010
Emil Bulls "The Feast" (LIVE-DVD) 23.04.2010
Enemy Of The Sun "Caedium" 28.05.2010
Enforcer "Diamonds" 2010
Ereb Altor "The End" 29.03.2010
Evanescence Herbst 2010
Evemaster "III" Mitte 2010
Exodus "Exhibit B: The Human Condition" 12.05.2010
Extreme "Take Us Alive" (CD/DVD) 23.04.2010
Eyes Of Noctum 22.06.2010
Fadeout "The Peasant" Anfang 2010
Fatal Embrace "The Empires Of Inhumanity" 2010
Ferdy Doernberg "Travelling Light" 2010
Fiction Plane "Sparks" 30.04.2010
Firecracker "Born Of Fire" 23.04.2010
FM "Metropolis" 26.03.2010
Forbidden 2010
Gaia Epicus "Dark Secrets" Frühjahr 2010
Glyder "Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow" 26.04.2010
Grand Illusion "Brand New World" 21.05.2010
Grand Magus "Hammer Of The North" Frühsommer 2010
Grind Inc. April 2010
Grönholm "Eye Witness Of Life" 17.04.2010
Gwydion "Horn Triskelion" 09.04.2010
Haken "Aquarius" 29.03.2010
Haradwaith "Creating Hell" 2010
Hawthorne Heights "Skeletons" Frühjahr 2010
Hearts Alive Mitte 2010
Heavenwood 2010
Heidevolk "Uit Oude Grond" 26.03.2010
Hero Destroyed Sommer 2010
Holy Rage März 2010
Hooded Menace "Never Cross The Dead" 30.03.2010
Horned Almighty "Necro Spiritualis" Ende 2010
Hostile Cell "The Deafening" April 2010
Hour Of Penance "Paradogma" 31.03.2010
Howl "Full Of Hell" 11.05.2010
Ill Nino Spätsommer 2010
Imperia 2010
Indica "A Way Away" Sommer 2010
Inmoria "A Farewell To Nothing - The Diary Part 1" Herbst 2010
Innerwish "No Turning Back" 28.05.2010
Interment "Into The Crypts Of Blasphemy" April 2010
Inzest Sommer 2010
Iron Lamb Anfang 2010
Iron Maiden "The Final Frontier" Spätherbst 2010
Jackyl "When Moonshine And Dynamite Collide" 04.05.2010
John 5 "The Art Of Malice" 2010
Karma To Burn "Appalachian Incantation" 30.04.2010
Kataklysm "Heaven’s Venom" Oktober 2010
Keep Of Kalessin "Reptilian" Juni 2010
Kids In Glass Houses "Dirt" 29.03.2010
Killing Joke "Feast Of Fools" 02.04.2010
Kingdom Of Sorrow Frühjahr 2010
King Kobra 2010
King Of Asgard 2010
Kiske/Somerville Anfang 2010
Kiuas "Lustdriven" 31.03.2010
Kivimetsän Druidi "Betrayal, Justice, Revenge" 23.04.2010
Klone "Black Days" 17.05.2010
Kottak 2010
Kreator 2010
Lacrimas Profundere "The Grandiose Nowhere" 30.04.2010
Lacrimosa 07.05.2010
Laethora "The Light In Which We All Burn" 27.04.2010
Legion Of The Damned (DVD) April 2010
Les Discrets "Septembre Et Ses Dernières Pensées" 26.03.2010
Leviathan Live CD/DVD 2010
Lost Souls In Desert "Vicious Circle" 26.03.2010
Loudness "King Of Pain" 19.05.2010
Love On The Lips Of A Whore "Asylum" Frühjahr 2010
Madam Adam Mitte 2010
Madball 2010
Madder Mortem "Where Dream and Day Collide" (EP) 10.05.2010
Mass "Sea Of Black" 23.04.2010
Master "The Human Machine" Mitte 2010
Mastercastle "Last Desire" 2010
Masterplan "Time To Be King" 21.05.2010
Maxxwell Oktober 2010
Meat Loaf "Hang Cool, Teddy Bear" 16.04.2010
Megaherz "Loblieder" 01.04.2010
Melechesh 2010
Mercyful Fate (DVD) 26.03.2010
Monster Magnet 2010
Morbid Angel 2010
My Shadow "Decayed World" Frühjahr 2010
Name "Internet Killed The Audio Star" 18.04.2010
Narcotic Death "Anthology Of The Damned" Anfang 2010
Nefarium "Ad Discipulum" 07.05.2010
Negative Anfang 2010
Negator Anfang 2010
Neverland "Ophidia" 26.03.2010
Nevermore "The Obsidian Conspiracy" 28.05.2010
Nocturnal Fear "Excessive Cruelty" Mitte 2010
Nocturnal Rites Ende 2010
Nominon "Monumentomb" 23.03.2010
Norther Herbst 2010
Obsession "Order Of Chaos" 2010
Ozzy Osbourne "Soul Sucka" Juni 2010
Pain Of Salvation "Road Salt Part.1 - Ivory" Mai 2010
Painside "Dark World Burde" 02.04.2010
Pantera "1990-2000: A Decade Of Domination" 30.03.2010
Pathology 2010
Perishing Mankind 2010
Powerworld "Human Parasite" Frühjahr 2010
Pretty Maids Sommer 2010
Primal Fear "16,6- All Over The World" (DVD) Sommer 2010
Primal Fear "Live In The USA" (CD) Sommer 2010
Primitive Graven Image "Celebrating Impending Chaos" 2010
Psycroptic "Initiation" (DVD) 2010
Pushking "The World As We Love It" Anfang 2010
Ratt "Infestation" 20.04.2010
Raven "Walk Through Fire" 29.03.2010
Remember Twilight "Musik über Niedergang & Verderben" Anfang 2010
Requiem Aeternam "Destiny-Man" September 2010
Revamp 04.06.2010
Rhapsody Of Fire "The Frozen Tears Of Angels" 30.04.2010
Rome "Nos Chants Perdus" 02.04.2010
Rotten Sound "Napalm" (EP) 05.04.2010
Running Wild Live-DVD 2010
Rusted Dawn "The Black Tides of War" März/April 2010
Sabaton "Coat Of Arms" 21.05.2010
Sael "The Sixth Extinction" 30.04.2010
Saint "Hell Blade" Anfang 2010
Salem "Playing God And Other Short Stories" Mitte 2010
Sathanas "La Hora De Lucifer" 2010
Schlagwerk April 2010
Serenity "Death & Leagacy" 2010
Serpentine "A Touch Of Heaven" 26.03.2010
Sevendust "Cold Day Memory" Mitte/Ende 2010
Shatter Their Illusion "Shed My Wings" Anfang 2010
Shining "VII - Född Förlorare" März/April 2010
Shock Troopers "Blades And Rods" Frühjahr 2010
Sick Of It All "Based on a True Story" 16.04.2010
Sight Of Emptiness "Absolution of Humanity" März/April 2010
Skyforger "Kurbads" 23.04.2010
Slash "Slash" 02.04.2010
Soilwork "The Panic Broadcast" 25.06.2010
Solisia "Ordinary Fate" 2010
Solution.45 Frühjahr 2010
Sonic Syndicate „We Rule The Night" 28.05.2010
Soulfly "Omen" 21.05.2010
Soulspell "The Labyrinth Of Truths" Mitte 2010
Spazmosity "Welcome Death" 2010
Status Minor "Ouroboros" September 2010
Steelwing "Lord Of The Wasteland" 30.04.2010
Stigma "Concerto for the Undead" 30.04.2010
Stone Sour Sommer 2010
Stone Temple Pilots " Stone Temple Pilots" 25.05.2010
Stormwarrior (CD) Frühsommer 2010
Stormwarrior "If It's Not In Your Bloode - You Will Never Understand" (LIVE-DVD) Frühjahr 2010
Stormzone "Death Dealer" 24.04.2010
Striker "Eyes In The Night" April 2010
Structure Of Inhumanity "Completion Integration" 2010
Svartahrid "Ex Inferi" Mai 2010
Symphony X Anfang 2010
Syn:drom "With Flesh Unbound" 30.04.2010
System Divide 2010
Taproot "Plead The Fifth" 14.05.2010
Tarja Turunen 2010
Tarot "Gravity Of Light" 23.04.2010
Tenhi "Savio" Frühjahr 2010
Tesla "Alive In Europe!" 23.04.2010
Tetrafusion "Altered State" Mitte 2010
The Absence "Enemy Unbound" 2010
The Alien Blakk "Bekoming" Anfang 2010
The Binary Code "Suspension of Disbelief" 2010
The Bob Mitchell Band "Days Gone By" 2010
The Bones "Burnout Berlin" (DVD) 23.04.2010
The Chant "This is the World We Know" März 2010
The Crinn "Dreaming Saturn" 14.05.2010
The Dillinger Escape Plan "Option Paralysis" 23.03.2010
The Foreshadowing "Oionos" 01.04.2010
The Haunted "Road Kill" 16.04.2010
The Jasser Arafats "Condemnation" 10.04.2010
The Letter Black "Hanging On By A Thread" 30.03.2010
The Ocean "Heliocentric" 09.04.2010
The Order Of Apollyon "The Flesh" 26.04.2010
Therion "Sitra Ahra" Mitte 2010
The Sorrow Herbst 2010
The Symphony "Harmonizing The World" Frühjahr 2010
The Vision Bleak "Set Sail To Mystery" 02.04.2010
Those Who Lie Beneath "An Awakening" 09.04.2010
Thulcandra "Fallen Angels Dominion" Mitte 2010
Thunderbolt Ende 2010
Thyruz "Diseblot" 21.05.2010
Trashcanned Mai 2010
Tristania 2010
Tristwood "Dystopia et Disturbia" 2010
Tygers Of Pan Tang "The Wildcat Sessions" (EP) März 2010
Unisonic 2010
Uriah Heep "Live at Sweden Rock Festival 2009" 2010
Valborg "Crown Of Sorrow" April 2010
Victimizer "Tales Of Loss And New Found Serenity" Juli 2010
Vindex "Ultima Thule" März 2010
Volbeat "Beyond Hell/Above Heaven" September 2010
Voodoo Circle September 2010
Voodoo Six Mitte 2010
Warcry 2010
Warmen "The Evil That Warmen Do" 2010
War Of Ages "Eternal" 13.04.2010
We Are The Fallen 11.05.2010
Whitechapel Frühling/Sommer 2010
Wintermond "Desiderium" Anfang 2010
Woe Of Tyrants "Threnody" 13.04.2010
World Under Blood Sommer 2010
Wormrot "Abuse" 12.04.2010
Wuthering Heights "Salt" 12.04.2010

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