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“The Songlines” by Bruce Chatwin, 1987

a) Author:

* 1940 in Sheffield, England died 1989 in Nizza, France
1959 - ‘66: valued paintings at Sotheby’s London (->auction house)
-->psychomatic (concerning body+soul) eye problem
so: - studied archaeology in Edinburgh;
- travelled around the world, kept notebooks;
- his conviction: nomadology (wandering round, never settle down) is rooted in human’s nature

b) Book:

-autobiographical unconventional travelogue of australia

-What are ‘Songlines’?
the forefathers created the world in the era called Tjukurrpa(=dreamtime) by singing long their
way through the lonely land; the point were they ended their journey, is delivered from generation
to generation and so every aborigine nowadays got his own ‘dream’

a invisible net of paths, which are marked by significant features, e.g. a group of trees, a lake, etc.
which are called ‘dreams’
by singing the old songs which accompany the aborigines their way along the old paths, they’ve got
a very mystical connection to their forefathers

-based on this phenomenon, the book deals with the conflict between the native australians and the
western civilisation: building railroads all over the country could destroy a special ‘dream’

c) Personal rate:

-I liked the quotations from his notebooks
-very good and humorous were the detailed descriptions of the characters Bruce met on his travel

I can recommend this novel to people who are interested in foreign countries and cultures, because i think thats a very nice way to present a continent to the readership.

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Good! Thank you very much. I'll order it and read it in the holidays


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