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Within Temptation…………..The “Heart of Everything” Tour.

Venue: Birmingham, U.K.

Wednesday 28th November 2007

Support group: “The 69 Eyes”

As this was to be my very first experience of both “Within Temptation” or any “gothic rock” concert, I really had no pre-conceptions of what to expect, but if reputations were anything to go by, expectations ran high, and we were not disappointed!

As a supporting group, “The 69 Eyes” were more than capable and did their job well, but when Sharon and company took to the stage, the magic really began!

In many ways there was an element of predictability about the set list, as this was The “Heart of Everything” tour, most, but not all of the numbers came from that album. There was a well chosen selection of “old favourites” for the delight of the die hard W.T. fans, “Jillian” and “Ice Queen” to name just two.

Thus so the party began, yes for this was no ordinary concert, this was so much more, W.T. were hosting their very own musical rock extravaganza, and everybody had come to enjoy themselves!

After a few awkward moments with the sound systems, Sharon took control of matters and sang for nearly two hours, non-stop, As only she can, full on, and foot to the floor! With numbers,“Jane Doe”, “All I need”, “Our Solemn Hour” “Forgiven” Before long the entire audience was on their feet dancing, jumping, singing , being totally consumed by the energy that
was “Within Temptation!”

It was very easy to understand why W.T. have such a growing fan base, they are experts at involving their audience, which became an integral part of the concert, to the delight of all who was there!

When the music was ended, not so the evening! For some, the best was still to come…
From somewhere, all the members of W.T. found the time, and energy, to join the audience for a “chat” …to pose for photographs, and to sign many autographs! So this, more than anything is what made the evening such a memorable occasion, such a “closeness” I have never before experienced at any

So in the early hours of the morning , I left, in the knowledge that I had made six new friends, and that they had made so many more!

John Edwards December 5th 2007.

F.A.O. Aileen Marasus.


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