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Date registered: 07.01.2006
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Okay, I'm totally new to this entire emulator thingy. I mean, I got a NES SNES and Genesis emulator and they all work fine, but the PSX and PCSX emulators have me totally and utterly confused. All I've been trying to do is play Legend of Dragoon (for Playstation) on my computer but none of this makes any sence to me at all. I've downloaded graphics, audio, and other random plugins but then again, I have no clue how to install them. Some random Delta folder popped up a few days after I downloaded PSX and thats got me even more crazed.

Basically I need help finding out how to "dump BIOS", and get these plugins in my computer. I've read the 'read me's but they only tell me to use ASPI or IOCTL neither of which I've used before or know how to find out how to use. You are my last hope Pete/other members. Please help me




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I don't know if this forum is the best to start with but I cant say for certain. I would personally suggest Any ways. Plugins are for the most part dll files that reside normally in your plugin dir. This Does not have to be the case but is best for simplicity. Then in the chosen emulator under normally configure or settings you will find a place to select the plugin you want. Once that is done you can configure them but most of the time no configure is needed. I dont know about that game and what plugin is best. Bust this is plugins in a nut shell. Help this helps a bit.



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The epsxe emulator comes with a nice and descriptive help file (menu "Help" -> "Contents" ) . It contains even a description how to dump your own Bios file from a psx, as far as I remember.

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