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...   Erstellt am 30.04.2005 - 12:59Zum Seitenanfang Beitrag zitieren Beitrag melden Beitrag verändern Beitrag löschen Newsletter: wanted to tell you about all the wonderful things we have been doing and what we have in store for the future...


1.) Aaliyah's Angels – Revlon Run/Walk
2.) New Aaliyah Cell Phone Wallpapers Released
3.) Aaliyah's Angels – Mission 2
4.) New Aaliyah Banners & Flyers
5.) Coming Soon... New Clothing Line

1.) Aaliyah's Angels – Revlon Run/Walk

Make a Difference in the Fight Against Cancer! On Saturday, April 30th, the Aaliyah's Cancer Awareness Angels will be participating in the 8th Annual Revlon Run/Walk For Women. If you can't join us in the walk, you can join us in the fight by making a pledge or donation on behalf of one of our team members. Your pledge will help fund important research into the cause and cure of women's cancers, prevention, education and support service programs. Every pledge will help bring us one step closer to a cure.

Visit the special Run Walk page at to see pictures of our beloved Aaliyah (#62) participating in the event, to view a brief interview with Aaliyah explaining why it meant so much to her, to see team photos from year's past, to read touching letters from past and future participants, and much more...

Please do your part for this very important cause by sponsoring a Team Member! Please visit:
...and simply click one of the names listed at the bottom of the page within the "Registrants" section.

~ Please remember, you can sponsor a Team Member anytime between now and June 1, 2005 ! ~

Thank You!

Also, if you want to participate, you can register IN PERSON Saturday morning, April 30th (New York) from 7:00 am until 9:00 am...
Just go to "The Tent" located on Broadway between 46th & 47th street (Times Square).
Our team is # 1580.

Opening ceremonies begin at 7:30 am and the official start of the walk is at 9:15 am.

For more information...

The Event Hotline is (212) 379-3199

Schedule of Events

Run/Walk Route

Common Questions

***** CALIFORNIA *****

We are also looking for Aaliyah's Cancer Awareness Angels within the California (Los Angeles) area.
If you're interested in starting a team or being a team leader, please email
Or for more information, please visit...
Don't forget, for California, the walk is the following Saturday on May 7th, 2005!

2.) New Aaliyah Cell Phone Wallpapers Released

New Aaliyah cell phone wallpapers have been released for (Verizon, Sprint, Cingular, Boost, Nextel, AT&T, AOL, etc.)
A portion of the proceeds benefit the Aaliyah Memorial Fund.
It's easy, it's for a good cause, it's Aaliyah !!

3.) Aaliyah's Angels – Mission 2

If you are a registered Aaliyah's Angel, go to the Aaliyah's Angel's page ( and see what Mission 2 is all about... Help us raise money for the Aaliyah Memorial Fund by spreading the word and telling people about the new Aaliyah Cell Phone Wallpapers. If you are not already a member, you are more than welcome to sign up and participate ( For every mission, there are prizes and giveaways of Official Aaliyah Merchandise.

4.) New Aaliyah Banners & Flyers

In an effort to support a good cause, special Aaliyah banners and flyers were created and are available here:
Help spread the word by posting the Flash Banners and JPEG's that are found on the banners page.
Join and become an Aaliyah's Angel to enter Mission 2 and have a chance to win Official Aaliyah Merchandise.

5.) Coming Soon... New Clothing Line

We will be re-launching the store with a wide array of new Aaliyah Merchandise. So be on the look out for this new launch within the next month!

~ ~ ~

On behalf of the staff of and the Haughton Family, we thank you for helping to keep Baby Girl's memory alive...

With Aaliyah In Our Hearts...


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Die Seite ist doch gesperrt,oder???

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