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Date registered: 21.02.2007
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I would like to announce a new game that I'm working on.

"A Second Face" an adventure about polarity.

Every thing in our world is based on the polarity of two twisted faces.
Just love stands among all directions as a connecting universal constant.

You will be thrown into a dark world, full of danger and intrigues.
But there is still hope in this universe...
A secret that has to be revealed...
Life itself calls for equilibration between darkness and light.
Love will be the connection.

This is going to be a full length project with multiple player characters.
It is my largest Adventure game so far and I really hope to manage in completing this project.
It's something between cyberpunk, fantasy and science fiction.

I've always tried to make funny games for now, but I would like to make an approach to more serious ideas.
So this game is written for adults and young people above 16 years.

I will possibly split the game into three smaller games and release them as to-be-continued story.
If I do so every part will be at full lenght as well...

My idea is to release the first part in November 2007.
Maybe I'll release it as scratchware...

I'm open for any kind of help.
I especially need serious testers, voice actors (female voices are needed) and people who have good knowledge in translating dialogs from German to English.

If you just want to support this project you can also donate via PayPal on my webpage.
It takes you two minutes.

Some Screenshots:

And a working scetch:

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le_woltaire ...


Date registered: 21.02.2007
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Larger Screenshots:

And more working scetches:


le_woltaire ...


Date registered: 21.02.2007
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...   Created on 13.06.2007 - 20:32Jump to top Quote this post Report this post 

I would now like to start a public diary about the project "A second face". My following entries will try to bring some thoughts together about what I'm doing and why I'm doing this... I will try to keep it actual as much as I can, although I don't have much time...


December 16, 2007:
Five new characters are in the game.
I also finished five new walkcycles.

December 14, 2007:
I added nine new characters to the game.

December 13, 2007:
Ten new character animations have been finished today.

December 12, 2007:
Three new backgrounds are finished.
Mainly Close-Ups...

December 11, 2007:
I finished five new backgrounds today.
I also finished a new character.

December 10, 2007:
I'm at halftime with the backgrounds now.
It is a hell of work for me...
I really hope someone is going to like this stuff...

December 8, 2007:
I added two new screenshots for the Margin factory.
I also presented the character Kargon.

December 3, 2007:
I've built up an alpha 0.1 DEMO version.
It has been sent to a couple of closer friends and testers.

September 21, 2007:
The City of Ugeltz is finished and presented.
I also added new character portraits.

September 17, 2007:
Introducing the great Geltz

11. August 2007
Most close-up basic animations for the main characters are done. I just finished to animate all characters for the Tavern. I really feel how live gets into the game!

29. July 2007
I'm finished with the Manual. Maybe I'll add two or three things later. I remember myself, that when I wrote "Earl Bobby" I finished the manual first as well. It took me two Months to finish the game from that point on...

If I manage to do that here as well, I should be able to finish the game in time. If there only wasn't that "I have to find work" thingy...

27. July 2007
A large part of the game manual is now completed.
I decided to make the manual first, because I want to bring some ideas together on paper before I continue with the script for the game. I have just written a poem that is part of the manual and that will also be included tn the game. The subtitel for the game is now definite: "The Eye of Geltz is watching Us"

I'm now feeling satisfied a bit. I think that I'm on a good way. I'm drunken at the moment. I've drunken to much sweet wine. A friend told me, that he was going to visit me today. But he forgot me. I'm angry about that somehow. But it wasn't his fault. He has a lot of problems as well. And I have to get on with my game now...

12. July 2007

I think that I'm finally done with the character Design of the main characters.

Before she reached the upper class society, Groth used to serve as prostitute in the Undertown. Due to her extraordinary intelligence she managed to make a dirty career full of intrigues. She now is Torgs main concubine. This woman knows exactly what she wants. And she is able to do everything for it.

07. July 2007

After a hard week i can present you two new characters:

The cleaning woman:
she works at the councle of sience and past her childhood as a poor orphan in the undertown. Later she was catched and the government aquired her as a slave.
her work consists in cleaning the floor with her mob.
Although she doesn't look very bright, she may carry a secret with her...

He is the innkeeper of the Rovinklus Tavern and guesthouse. Like every innkeeper he knows a lot about what is going in Town, but you can see in his eyes that he is evil-minded.

10. July 2007

I am definately too lazy.
I lost three days and made just one Character.

Morok the Mystic:
He is a man full of subversive energy.
Although he behaves to the upper class.
Maybe he can bring some light in the plot?

01. July 2007

I managed to finish a new character today.

Dr. Grogoz:
He calls himself a medic who is able to heal all kind of injuries. In reality he's just after profit.
He robs the organs of beggars and sells them to rich people.

June 27, 2007:

Yesterday I finished the presentation of my final exam at the university. I worked a lot on this. I had to answer a lot of questions to many Professors and some of them were of a quite difficult philosophical kind. Maybe I should have answered them, but I simply couldn't...

The main question is "What am I going to do now?" Find a job, earn money and live a regular life? Or am I seeking something more?

But I am still trying to answer the questions they asked me. One of these questions was: "What is unique about your project?" And I simply couldn't answer this... What is unique about it?

Maybe nothing was unique in my project...
But I'm convinced that I can do something totally unique. After a long break I have decided to continue my work on "A second face". Maybe I will answer these question through this project.

Can i make a totally unique Adventure? Something that hasn't been there. Something so personal that it can't be forgotten? Something that stands beyond time, influence, people, questions and money? Something that is more than just a game?

December 10, 2008:
After more than a year I am writing a new entry.
It was very hard for me, but I almost managed to bring the game to its end. Just one puzzle and one cutscene remains and I will be able to play it through for the first time from beginning to the end.

More than 120 backgrounds had to be done.
115 Characters had to be invented and animated.
200 A4 pages of dialogues had to be written and translated.
Hundrets of sound effects to be recorded.
And a lot of speech to be spoken.

I feel more than just stressed and exhausted.
It is like a small dream is going to be true.
But now the hardest thing is sill going to be up.
I have to finish it. And when I finished it,
it is just the first part of the full trylogy...

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