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...   Erstellt am 18.06.2005 - 10:50Zum Seitenanfang Beitrag zitieren Beitrag melden 

Just a note..
I have sold my computer and will get a new one in a couple of days...i hope... anyway, on my second comp worms dont work properly, it has 2500mhz and it lags ( not on the net, on the single player 2 ), does anyone know how to fix that? Cause if not, i dunno when i will be on Wormnet again. Oh yeah, i wont have icq for a while either, maybe i just pop to WN to check it out... Anyway, if someone know the solution for the damn laggyness plz answer.


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...   Erstellt am 18.06.2005 - 10:59Zum Seitenanfang Beitrag zitieren Beitrag melden 

i cant help you... but i hope you get your new computer soon


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...   Erstellt am 18.06.2005 - 13:50Zum Seitenanfang Beitrag zitieren Beitrag melden 

Absolutely no idea... My lags have been caused by too little RAM, but I guess that's not the problem you've got. Seems as if we can just hope that your new PC arrives soon...


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