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After the original vinyl Scott Walker album 'til the band comes in', Esther's Long About Now was re-issued 5 times if I'm counting correctly: on a three-song Philips 45 tours, 2 re-issues on CD of the original singular lp and another 2 re-issues on Scott Walker box-sets, the latest of which is reviewed here http://dangerousminds.net/comments/esth … long_about

In my early teens I was already drawn to Esther’s voice hearing T’en va pas and Split personality, but I wasn’t quite ready yet for that kind of music. Then in my early twenties the Philips ’69 solo album totally hit me. I’d never heard such debth and beauty before in my life. And the next release after that, Long about now on Scott Walker’s album ‘til the Band comes in, was an endorsement of just that. So many different emotions captured within just 2 minutes of sheer beauty. The current 5 vinyl album/CD set of Scott Walker does not do justice to Esther in its liner notes: “(Ady) Semel brought in his other protegee, pop star Esther 'Cinderella Rockafella' Ofarim, to sing of receiving her lover's ashes on Long About Now”. On the cover of the original vinyl album release Esther was more aptly credited for her “stunning interpretation”. But the reviewer above nailed it better than I’ve ever read it. A real joy, I highly recommend it to everyone.

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